Mattress Sizes And Dimensions- A Comprehensive Overview

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While picking the right mattress model is a very important decision to make sure people can get fantastic and consistent sleep, so too is making sure people get a mattress that is the appropriate size for them.

It’s important to ensure people have enough sleeping surface area for themselves and their partner (if they have one).  It’s also important to make sure that there is enough extra room in the bedroom so that the person can move around, hang out, and relax.

Here is an interesting summary graphic showing how all the different bed sizes relate to one another.

mattress sizes chart

This section will go through each mattress size, give the details of each size, and attempt to describe who might be an ideal fit for that particular size.

Twin Size Mattress

man on twin bed

A twin is 74 inches long but just 39 inches wide, officially making it the smallest size available.  It’s great for children or adults who are smaller in stature or who live in cramped bedrooms but is not a recommended size for those sleeping with a partner.

Twin XL Size Mattress

woman on twin xl mattress

A twin XL is 6 inches longer than a Twin but it has the same width.  This makes it ideal for children who are taller or for adults who have constraints with the width of their bedroom but not the length of their bedroom.

Full Size Mattress

Couple on full mattress

A full size mattress has the same length as a twin mattress, but it is 15 inches wider.  The full mattress can be ideal for someone sleeping alone who wants a little more room or couples who are smaller in stature.

Queen Size Mattress

couple on queen mattress

A queen mattress comes in at 60″ x 80,” making it wider and longer than a full.  This is great for a single person who really likes that extra space and can fit it in his/her bedroom, and it’s also big enough for most couples.  The only reason to step up from a Queen is if someone’s bedroom is big enough to handle something larger or if someone just really wants extra surface area to sleep on.

King Size Mattress

couple on king mattress

A king size mattress comes in at 76″ x 80,” making it the same length as a Queen but 16″ wider.  Couples who really want that extra space to sleep on might do well with a King, but it’s probably unnecessarily large for single person.

California King Size Mattress

couple on california king

A california king mattress is 4 inches longer than a standard king but 4 inches less wide.  Which type consumers should get depends on how tall they are and how much width they want from their mattress and can reasonably fit in their bedroom.  There’s no one right answer, because it typically comes down to personal preference.  People looking at buying a mattress should take a look at this overview and make sure they are getting the right sized mattress that is appropriate for them.

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