Novosbed Coupon and Promo Codes

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Looking to save extra money with Novosbed mattress sales?

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Why Buy The Novosbed Mattress?

  • The Novosbed mattress is available in three different firmness levels.
  • The mattress isolates motion very well.  If someone sleeps with a partner, this is especially important.  If their partner is moving around on the other side of the bed, they shouldn’t really feel that motion and be bothered by it.
  • The Novosbed mattress features high-density memory foams, which typically means that the mattress should last longer than many of its competitors.  That makes the value of the mattress that much more, especially if people want to make a long-term purchase.
  • The memory foam that the Novosbed uses is next-generation and is much more breathable than standard memory foam.  People shouldn’t really sleep hot on this mattress.
  • Novosbed has something called Comfort +, which is basically a comfort level guarantee.  If people aren’t quite satisfied with the firmness level of your mattress, the company will ship a small layer that can be attached to the top of the mattress.  The layer will adjust the mattress to be a better fit for people from a firmness perspective.

Some may find the Novosbed offering too good to be true, especially after using the coupon – but their big advantage is the business model.  They ship directly from the factory to your door, cutting out the typical mattress middle-men and passing on the savings to the consumer.

With the promo code, this memory foam mattress offers one of the top values available in mattresses (in my humble opinion). It usually goes on sale around the Fourth of July.

If you want to learn more about Novosbed, check out my Novosbed mattress review.

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