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Brooklinen has offered Mattress Clarity readers a $15 discount off any item.  To receive the discount, people can CLICK HERE and use code “Mattress15.” Brooklinen usually goes on sale around holidays like the Fourth of July.

Brooklinen Down Alternative Pillow
Brooklinen Down Alternative Pillow
Brooklinen Down Alternative Pillow

The Brooklinen Down Alternative pillow is a great hypoallergenic option that's machine washable and dryer-friendly. This pillow is very full and fluffy, making a particularly great option for side sleepers. You can get $15 off your order with code Mattress15.

Brooklinen Coupon Code

Highlights Of Brooklinen

  • Brooklinen has a large number of bedding options available, from sheets to towels to blankets.
  • The company quickly became one of the most successful bedding companies by cutting out the middleman and going direct to consumers online.
  • The company does have percale and sateen sheets available.  If people are looking for a cooler and crisper feel, then they should go for the Classic sheets.  If they want a silkier and smoother sleeping surface, then the Luxe sheets are probably the best option.
  • The Classic sheets are very breathable and should regulate temperature especially well.  They won’t get overly hot during the summer, nor will they get overly cold during the winter.
  • The company does have two options of comforters as well: the natural down and down alternative.  If people are worried about how down comforters are put together, then the down alternative comforter could be a great option for them.  The down alternative comforter should be good for any season as well.
Brooklinen Classic Hardcore Sheet Bundle
Brooklinen Classic Hardcore Sheet Bundle
Brooklinen Classic Hardcore Sheet Bundle

The Brooklinen Classic Hardcore Sheets Bundle is a luxury set of percale sheets that doesn't break the bank. You can get $15 off your order with code Mattress15.

Brooklinen already brings down their price significantly by selling directly to consumers, so any additional discount really puts these sheets in a great value zone.  Interested consumers can also check out the full Brooklinen review written on this website.

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