7 iPhone Apps That Will Help You Sleep Better

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While experts advise against looking at one’s phone at night, there are plenty of apps out there that can help people sleep one way or another. Here are seven iPhone apps worth checking out to help people achieve an optimal nights’ rest.

SleepCycle (free with premium update options)

This app is an “intelligent” alarm clock that uses vibrations and movement to analyze your sleep. You set a 30-minute window in which you want to wake up, and the app uses sleep data to wake you when you are in the lightest sleep phase during that window.

According to the app developers, “The phase you are in when your alarm goes off is critical for how tired you will feel when you wake up.” The app collects data on your sleep that you can review at your leisure. And a new feature tells you if you’ve been snoring — and will even record what your snores sound like, in case you’re curious!

Learn how to turn your room into a sleep haven, here.

SleepCycle Power Nap ($1.99)

This spinoff SleepCycle app will help you nap smarter. Let the app know whether you want to take a power nap for about 20 minutes, a recovery nap of around 45 minutes, or a full sleep cycle nap of around 90 minutes. The app uses your accelerometer to determine when you fall asleep, then sets an alarm to wake you automatically.


Meditation app Headspace offers guided meditations for a variety of scenarios — including falling asleep, waking up, and clearing one’s mind of grogginess.

screenshot from Headspace app

White Noise (free with premium update options)

If white noise (or brown noise, or pink noise, or any other sort of background noise) helps people fall asleep, White Noise Free is a great option. The app has over 40 soothing noises in its sound catalog, from “air conditioner” and “rainstorm” to “boat swaying in water” and “frogs at night.” The app also allows people to mix and loop sounds for a custom audio experience.

Pillow (free with premium update options)

Pillow is an advanced smart sleeping app that offers both Apple Watch support and full integration with Apple Health. It tracks sleep quality and data, offers a smart alarm wakeup option, and allows people to enter their mood or add notes related to their sleep.

screenshot of Pillow app

Sleep Well Hypnosis (free with premium update options)

This is a meditation app similar to Headspace, but with one single meditation dedicated entirely to sleep. The app provides 25-minute sessions, designed and read by a certified hypnotherapist, to help people fall asleep — and stay asleep.

Sleep++ (free)

Sleep++ allows people to track their sleep solely using their Apple Watch, meaning they don’t need to bring their iPhone into bed with them. All people need to do is press a button on the app when they’re going to sleep, then another one when they wake up.

All apps are available in Apple’s iTunes store.

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