Snowman Down Comforter Review – Like Sleeping Under A Cloud?

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When most of us were children, we spent hours looking up at the clouds in the sky, trying to decide what they resembled. Was that an elephant – no, that was definitely a shark. While those days of youthful rumination might be behind us, it’s always nice to see a big, fluffy cloud on our mattress and I’m talking, of course, about down comforters!

Anyone who wants a puffy comforter that really rises off the bed should be interested in the Snowman down comforter. This is one of the fluffiest down comforters I have reviewed, and it has some exciting extra features. Read on for my full Snowman down comforter review!

Snowman Deals

The Snowman is a fluffy down comforter that offers warmth without making sleepers overheat. Click the button for the best deal on the Snowman down comforter.


The Snowman Might Work For …

The Snowman is a high-quality down comforter, but it is really is a good fit for certain types of sleepers. Here are a few types of people who should consider the Snowman:

  • People who are seeking out a fluffy down comforter. The fill of the Snowman boasts a whopping 800 fill power, making this one of the fluffier down comforters I have come across. It really rises off the bed and has a good amount of body that gives it a cloudlike look and feel.
  • Those who want a value-priced down comforter. Down comforters can be very expensive – looking online, a high-quality down comforter can cost $500, even $1000. The Snowman is much more affordable at only $160 for a Queen size down comforter with some premium components.
  • Those who want something warm that is still breathable. The Snowman is very warm and insulating, but it still shouldn’t make sleepers overheat at night. It keeps the body warm while still allowing air to flow through with ease.

Snowman Down Comforter - Feel And Loft

The Snowman Might Not Work For …

The Snowman down comforter might not be for everyone. These are a few types of people who might not find the Snowman to be the best fit:

  • Anyone who wants to avoid down. Some people have ethical issues with down and the way it is harvested. Those who want a product without down should consider something with a down alternative fill.
  • People who struggle with allergies. Many allergy sufferers complain that down comforters exacerbate their allergies and cause them to wake up with a runny nose and watery eyes. While the Snowman features a “down proof” shell, it might be safer to opt for a down alternative comforter if one is worried about allergies.
  • Those who want a very affordable comforter. While the Snowman is very affordable for a down comforter, it still costs more than a majority of down alternative comforters. Those who are looking to spend much less money can easily find a good down alternative comforter for under $30.

Snowman Down Comforter - Logo And Tag

Snowman Down Comforter Construction

Let’s take a look at the Snowman down comforter, both the inside and outside, to see what makes it stand out. First off, on the outside, it features a 100% cotton shell – this adds some breathability to the comforter and allows for more airflow than a polyester shell might. It is also “down proof” and is intended to keep the down from escaping and causing allergic reactions for sleepers.

The Snowman features thin piping that runs around all four edges of the comforter and gives it a nice luxury look. Also, there are duvet tabs on all four corners and all four sides that make it easy to secure the Snowman within a duvet cover.

Snowman Down Comforter Review

The comforter features a baffle box design where each chamber is more of a three-dimensional cube that allows the fill to fully expand. That fill is 800 fill power, white goose down, and the Queen size comforter contains around 55 ounces of this fill, which is quite light.

The Snowman comes in three colors: Blue, Khaki, and White. It is also available in Twin, Queen, and King. I reviewed the Queen, and it is 90″ x 90″ with some noticeable overhang.

Snowman Deals

The Snowman is a fluffy down comforter that offers warmth without making sleepers overheat. Click the button for the best deal on the Snowman down comforter.

Snowman Down Comforter Feel, Loft, And Warmth

The Snowman features a cotton outer shell that does have a somewhat soft feel, but I will note that it is a bit crinkly. Moving around underneath the comforter, it does make some noise, and this might wake some people up at night. I did not personally have this issue, but it is something to keep in mind.

Those who don’t like this noisiness or want to change the outer feel of the Snowman can easily place it within a duvet cover. I found the Snowman to be a solid duvet insert because the eight duvet tabs kept it secure within the cover.

The Snowman’s loft is really one of the comforter’s defining features and, laying it over the bed, I can really see it rising up off the mattress. When I climb underneath it, the comforter is very poofy and surrounds me in that classic down comforter cloud.

Snowman Down Comforter - Breathability

The Snowman down comforter has some serious insulation to offer and, when I use it on a colder night, it definitely offers all the warmth that I need. At the same time, the comforter is quite breathable and on the lighter side, so I don’t feel like I am overheating, and I don’t wake up sweaty or clammy.

Final Thoughts

The Snowman is a big puffy cloud that is quite affordable for a down comforter of its kind. Anyone who wants to sleep under a cloud should definitely consider it!


How much does the Snowman down comforter cost?

The Snowman down comforter ranges in price from $135 for a Twin up to $170 for a King.

How fluffy is the Snowman down comforter?

The Snowman is a fluffier down comforter with a great amount of loft. It boasts a fill power of 800 and with its baffle box design, that fill is really allowed to expand.

Does the Snowman down comforter sleep hot?

The Snowman down comforter is very breathable and should not make one sleep hot at night. The cotton outer shell and airy, fluffy down fill allow for a good amount of airflow, so sleepers should not be waking up covered in sweat.

What kind of down is in the Snowman down comforter?

The Snowman features white goose down with 800 fill power.

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