Beautyrest Silver Open Seas Plush Pillow Top Mattress Review

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The Open Seas Plush Pillow Top is a hybrid mattress from the Simmons Beautyrest Silver collection. The Silver is their most affordable collection.

Construction Overview

The Open Seas Plush Pillow Top mattress is approximately 14” high and contains:

  • Dualcool™ Technology Fiber, a material containing silver that prevents bacteria and mold growth and helps prevent overheating
  • Aircool® Foam, a foam that helps keep people cool at night
  • Airfeel™ Foam, a foam that helps promote airflow through the mattress
  • Two layers of Aircool® Gel Memory Foam, a foam designed to relieve pressure where the body meets the mattress
  • Geltouch® Foam, a gel foam that provides “soothing comfort”
  • 815 Density Firm Beautyrest® Pocketed Coil® Technology, which consists of coils to support the body

This is a plush, pillow-top mattress, meaning it shouldn’t put pressure on the joints and is thus ideal for side sleepers.

Furthermore, the Dualcool™ Technology Fiber, Airfeel™ Foam, and Aircool® Foam will prevent people from overheating.

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The inside of a mattress.

Firmness Level

Simmons states this is a plush pillow-top. In general, plush mattresses are a good selection for side sleepers, since a plush mattress will relieve pressure on the joints.

That being said, we cannot give a more specific assessment of the firmness without further information.

Common Praise: What Makes This Mattress Stand Out?

  • The Open Seas Plush Pillow Top may be a nice pick for people who sleep hot. It contains cooling technologies such as Airfeel™ Foam, Dualcool™ Technology Fiber, and Aircool® Foam.
  • This plush, pillow-top model might be comfortable for side sleepers, as the plush material will prevent pressure on the knees, hips, and shoulders.
  • The Open Seas Plush Pillow Top is a plush pillow-top, meaning it could be a soft mattress. It may be a good fit for people who like the feeling of a softer mattress with a pillow-top.

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Common Complaints And Other Things To Note

  • The Open Seas Plush Pillow Top may not be a good fit for back or stomach sleepers, as people who sleep on their back or stomach usually need a firmer mattress to support them while they sleep.
  • Some people find that the material in a pillow-top may compress over time, wearing down the mattress and making it feel uncomfortable.
  • This mattress does contain memory foam, but it may not be a good fit for those who prefer a classic memory foam feel. Those who do should look for a pure memory foam model.

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A bed on a starlit background.

Why Should People Choose This Over The Other Silver Models?

According to the Simmons website, this is a “plush pillow top” model, meaning it’s likely much softer and plusher than other models in the Beautyrest Silver collection.

The Open Seas Plush Pillow Top mattress has a pillow-top. Other mattresses in the Beautyrest Silver collection do not have a pillow-top.

This mattress contains several temperature-control technologies, including Dualcool™ Technology Fiber, Aircool® Foam, and Airfeel™ Foam, to help people who run hot at night.


This innerspring coil mattress is 14” high and contains Dualcool™ Technology Fiber, Aircool® Foam, Airfeel™ Foam, Geltouch® Foam, and 815 Density Firm Beautyrest® Pocketed Coil® Technology.

The Open Seas Plush Pillow Top mattress is described as a plush pillow-top, meaning it’s probably a good option for people who sleep on their side or prefer a soft mattress. Back and stomach sleepers may want to look for a firmer mattress.

All images from Simmons 

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