Calista Extra Firm Mattress Review – A Good Fit For Stomach Sleepers?

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EDITOR’S NOTE: The Beautyrest Black Calista Extra Firm model is no longer available. We recommend checking out the Harmony Lux mattress from Beautyrest as a comparable alternative. 

The Beautyrest Black line is at the middle of Simmons’ Beautyrest price range. This collection has 17 models that vary in design and firmness, as well as prices.

This review focuses on the Beautyrest Black Calista Extra Firm model, which is at the firm end of their firmness scale and features components designed to help with cooling.

This review will go over the construction of the mattress and highlight the main takeaways consumers should know about in order to make a more informed decision.

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Who Might Like The Calista…

  • Those who prefer a very firm mattress. If people have had success with extra firm mattresses or need more support, this could be a good mattress choice for them.
  • Stomach sleepers. No matter whether people are lighter or heavier, this mattress should be supportive enough if they sleep primarily on their stomach. People shouldn’t run the risk of their hips bowing in and taking their spine out of alignment.
  • Hot sleepers. The cover is designed to be cool to the touch, the Microdiamond foam layer is designed to dissipate heat, and the coils promote airflow throughout the mattress. As a result, people shouldn’t be overheating on this mattress for any reason.
A close look at a firmer mattress.

Who Might Not Like The Calista…

  • People who like a softer mattress. This is one of the firmer mattresses available on the market. If people want some softness, they aren’t going to get that here. Even if people prefer a medium-firm mattress, the Calista might be too firm for them.
  • Side sleepers. People will definitely feel some pressure points on their hips and shoulders when lying down their side on this mattress. If people sleep primarily on their side, this mattress is probably not the best choice for them. Side sleepers should consider a softer mattress overall in order to create a more comfortable sleeping experience with better pressure relief.
  • Those who like a memory foam feel. If people want to sink into their mattress (even a little bit), they’re not going to get that feeling on the Calista. There are some foam layers on top, but they don’t give people that slow-sinking memory foam feel that memory foam is known for.

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Construction Overview

  • The mattress is 12.5” tall, which is a height that is definitely greater than the average mattress on the market.
  • The cover is tufted and quilted with polyfoam, which is woven with a SURFACECOOL™ FIBER.
  • The first layer inside the mattress is a layer of comfort foam, which provides some initial comfort and pressure relief.
  • Then there is a gel foam layer that adds additional comfort to the mattress.
  • This is followed by a Microdiamond memory foam that helps with heat dissipation.
  • Next, Energy Foam acts as a transition layer to make sure sleepers don’t bottom out on the mattress.
  • Then there is a pocketed coil layer for extra support, breathability, and durability.
  • Finally, there is have a high-density foam base that serves as the structural foundation of the mattress.
  • The Calista is made in the USA.
A man sleeps on his side.

Construction Takeaways

  • The Beautyrest is available in Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King.
  • There are many aspects of this mattress that should keep it sleeping cool. The cover is cooling, and the Microdiamond memory foam helps dissipate heat. Also, people will get some airflow with the coils, meaning the breathability with this mattress will be quite high.
  • This mattress should be a good long-term investment. The high-density foams and coils make this a durable mattress, so it should last for a long time.
  • This should be a very supportive mattress. The high-density foams and coil system should make this supportive enough for people in many weight ranges.


For me, the Calista felt like an 8.5 out of 10 on a firmness scale, or firmer than average, and it is definitely one of the firmer mattresses I’ve tried. On my back, this mattress is actually too firm. This is a rare occurrence, but the top layers of this mattress don’t let my hips sink in enough. I have the feeling that my spine is being pushed up.

On my side, I also think this mattress is too firm, because I felt some serious pressure on the shoulders and hips.

The Calista feels best when I am on my stomach. Being that it is a firmer mattress, it prevents my spine from bowing into the mattress. Even as a heavier person, I feel well supported in this position.

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In terms of feel, the mattress has an innerspring mattress feel with a bit of a pillow-top feel on top. People get a soft, pillowy feeling on top but quickly engage the firm foam layers and coils beneath that. There is a bit of bounce and the mattress is firm, so people shouldn’t have trouble moving around on the Calista.

Get more details about the Calista’s firmness and feel by watching the video below.

Motion Transfer

I tested the motion transfer of the Calista by placing a glass on the mattress. I pushed into the area around the glass, and it was disturbed slightly. When I was rolling around near the glass, it was barely disturbed.

I think the disturbance was mainly due to the fabric pulling on the glass. To test the motion transfer in a different way, I asked Joe to roll around on the other side of the mattress while I was lying down. I barely felt his movements on my side of the bed.

Overall, I think the Calista handles motion transfer well and could be a good mattress for couples. Learn more about motion transfer on the Calista in the video below.

Edge Support

This is a very firm mattress with a foam encasement, which means I expected it to have good edge support. Because of this, I was not surprised by how well it supported me when I was sitting on the edge of the mattress.

The mattress barely compressed when I sat near the edge. When I lay down close to the edge, I felt very secure. Overall, I would say the edge support is very good on this mattress.

You can see the edge support in the photo below.

What Makes This Mattress Stand Out?

  • It is a very firm mattress. so if people prefer a very supportive mattress, the Calista could be for them. It is one of the firmest mattresses available on the market today.
  • This could be a great mattress for stomach sleepers. As a larger person, I often have trouble finding a mattress to support me when I am on my stomach. This mattress is definitely supportive enough for me, so it should be a good match for stomach sleepers of many sizes.
  • People shouldn’t be sleeping hot on this mattress. The mattress has many components that are meant to help people sleeping cool throughout the night. A cooling cover, heat-dissipating foam, and airflow-promoting coils all work to keep this mattress cool.
  • This should be a long-lasting mattress. The foams are high-density, and the coils add a level of durability as well, meaning this mattress should last for a while.

I think the Beautyrest Black Calista Extra Firm could be a good fit for stomach sleepers. Even as a heavier person, I felt very well supported on the Calista.

I will say that this is a very firm mattress, so side sleepers might want to look for a softer mattress that can be more comfortable overall.

The Calista comes with a 10-year warranty.

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