Purple Mattress Vs Tempurpedic- Which Should You Get?

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Tempur-Pedic (now Tempur-Sealy) is a company that has been around a long time and really created the memory foam mattress category.  Purple is a new company making huge waves in the market with its gel technology mattress.  As Purple has gained in popularity, people are wondering how these two mattress offerings compare to one another.  I’ll go over the main similarities and differences here to try to help you make a more informed decision.

Key Similarities:

  • Both provide great pressure relief
  • Both use quality, durable materials
  • Both do a good job at isolating motion (good for couples)

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Key Differences:

  • Purple has just one mattress, while Tempur-Pedic has a full line, all with different firmnesses
  • The Purple is less expensive than every Tempur-Pedic model
  • The Purple has a bouncier / more resilient feel, while most Tempur-Pedic models have a slower-moving, memory foam feel

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Main Construction Difference

Rather than going through each Tempur-Pedic model and going through the differences of each individual layer, I thought I’d just describe the main difference between the whole line of Tempurpedic mattresses and the Purple.

The key is the comfort layer.  Every Tempur-Pedic mattress has a comfort layer with memory foam in it (either the TEMPUR-ES or TEMPUR-HD).  While each model will have a different firmness level and slightly different feel, all the mattresses has the slower-moving memory foam feel.

The feel you get from the TEMPUR material is very different from the Purple’s comfort layer.  The Purple has a hyper-elastic polymer gel layer.  It remains firm until a certain threshold is met and then that part of the gel collapses.  The result is a firm feel that is also very pressure relieving at the same time.  The gel is instantly responsive, which is very different from the slow-moving feel of memory foam.  You can see this feel in the video below.

Pick Purple If:

  • You Want A More Resilient Feel– The Purple moves immediately back into place when you move around.  It has a very bouncy/resilient feel, much more so than any of the Tempurpedic models.  If that’s the type of feel you think you’d like, then Purple would probably be the way to go.
  • You Want A Temperature Neutral Mattress– The gel construction makes the Purple mattress a completely temperature neutral mattress.  That means you won’t sleep overly hot or overly cold because of the mattress.  The Breeze models from Tempurpedic do a good job of making the mattress sleep cooler, but I think Purple takes the cake as far as keeping a neutral sleeping temperature.
  • You Want A Combination Of Firmness And Pressure Relief– I found Purple to be unique in that it felt both somewhat firm yet very pressure relieving at the same time.  It was a cool feeling where I felt very well supported while feeling almost no pressure on my hips and shoulders.
  • You Want A Little More Value– Through the online-only business model, the value you get from the Purple is more than you get from any Tempurpedic model.  This is simply because of the big price difference between Purple and any of the Tempur-Pedic models.

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Pick Tempurpedic If:

  • You Want To Choose From A More Established Company– Tempurpedic has been around much longer than Purple.  That means you get the benefit of years of customer reviews.  You will have a better idea of how each of their mattresses will hold up over time because there is so much more data available.
  • You Want Firmness Options– Purple will be a good fit for a majority of sleepers, but if you know the exact firmness you want, you might be able to get a better fit with a Tempur-Pedic.  They make each mattress model with a specific firmness in mind (Contour Supreme being the firmest and the Cloud Luxe being the softest), so you should be able to easily match your preference to one of the available models.
  • You Want A Slow-Moving, Memory Foam Feel– The feel of most Tempurpedic models is very different from the feel of the Purple.  If you like to slowly sink into the mattress, then you will most likely prefer most of the Tempur-Pedic models over the Purple mattress.

Notes On Sleeping Hot

Some people worry that their mattress could sleep hot, and that is a common complaint about some Tempur-Pedic models.  The Breeze models directly address this issue and do a good job of keeping a cooler sleeping temperature.

The Purple mattress is temperature neutral.  You should have no concerns about the mattress sleeping hot.  It’s simply not an issue because of the way the mattress is constructed.

Notes On Motion Isolation

Both Purple and the Tempur-Pedic models do a great job at isolating motion.  If I had to pick a winner, I would say that the Tempur-Pedic models do a slightly better job at isolating motion, but it’s pretty close.  Both are a great option for couples because of this.

Notes On Price/Value

The obvious difference between Purple and the Tempur-Pedic line of mattresses is the price.  Purple only sells online, so from that fact alone it is able to price its product much lower.  If it sold through retail stores, it would probably be priced around $2,000-2,500.

Overall, I do believe the value of the Purple is higher, simply from the fact the business model allows them to price the mattress at such a low level.  That is not to say that everyone should definitely buy the Purple, however.


The difference between the two companies and their products is vast.  The feel of the Purple is very different from any of the Tempur-Pedic mattresses.  Given the major feel difference and the price difference, you should be able to assess which mattress would be the best fit for you.

See our full Purple review and overall Tempur-Pedic review.

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21 thoughts on “Purple Mattress Vs Tempurpedic- Which Should You Get?”

  1. Hello! I stumbled upon your site while researching mattresses. It’s a great site, so thank you for that. I apologize in advance for my very “princess and the pea/goldilocks” mattress personality and will try not to write a novel here, but I feel like I have to give you enough info to help me. Maybe I’ll try bullet points. Anyway, at the moment I’m hemming and hawing between the original purple (the new doesn’t come in FULL) and the Layla, because I am a combination sleeper. So…
    • I am female at 5’5” and range 127 to 132 pounds.
    • Too Firm – Have always had issues sleeping in one position too long, especially on my side, with parts of me “falling asleep” or “becoming achy”, especially my hips, if things are too firm. However, I do sleep a lot on my back and stomach (at times) as well. On my stomach, a little more firmness is better, but on my back that can make my lower back a bit stiff too.
    • Too Soft – However, if it is too soft (ie, memory foam that isn’t firm enough), then pressure points may be relieved, BUT then I feel as though my hips, or butt, sink too much (either on side or on back) and then my lower back gets stiff or whacky, because it’s being pulled on by my sinking butt and hips. Am I making sense? Sorry, again… Goldilocks here.
    • By chance, I slept on a very firm density Tempurpedic foam mattress at a friend’s (out of state minimally used estate sale, so she doesn’t know the firmness) and it was great for both my back and side, because it was super supportive, but no pressure either. But I have no way of knowing what density, etc it was. Sigh. But that was the closest I’ve been to baby bear ever! So, I don’t know how to compare that to anything else, since I don’t have specifics on THAT piece of foam.
    • I currently have a very firm latex mattress with a once inch less firm latex topper, which while my hips don’t sink out of place, I have pressure points at times, which I especially notice now, after sleeping on my friend’s super firm, yet conforming foam guest bed.
    • Heck. Maybe I should look into Temperpedic – but I think they may be expensive…?

    Thank you for your patience and any advice you could give for a true combination sleeper who is on the lighter side, with both “pressure point” and “too soft sagging butt or hip” issues, would be greatly appreciated!!!

    • You would probably think the Layla is too soft and the Purple too firm on your side. I would take a look at Tempur-Pedic if you’ve find one that you really like.

  2. Sealy Reponse Premium Euro Top Premium 16.5″ vs Purple 9.5″ Mattress. Would I be correct a 16.5″ Mattress is a better choice than a 9.5″? Which would you choice between he two?

  3. I’ve seen Purple advertised and I was intrigued. If Purple was available in 2009 I would have bought it, instead I bought a tempurpedic for around $1800.00 to replace my then 15-year old mattress which was giving me back pain.

    Thanks for the review though, I was actually thinking about buying a Purple. But now you’ve set my mind at ease about the Tempurpedic which you say is as good as the Purple. With the Tempurpedic backpain is a rare occurrence. It only happens when I’ve somehow contorted my body inappropriately when sleeping.

  4. Had the purple returned it immediately. Like the previous comments, the density, resilience and all that is pathetic at best. If u can rest ur hand on the mattress and push down on to the baseboard, I’d question its durability. The gel matrix deal, totally bogus. I paid less for my top of the line tempurpedic from Sears. Its on 50% sale. Trust me. My $1000 bucks will only go to the tempurpedic. Everything else in the internet is pure hype.

  5. Thanks for the informative review. The $100 off link doesn’t seem to work as it shows the same price as the regular price. Is there a coupon code?

  6. Thanks for this run down of both. I’ve been looking and trying to decide which I want. I’ve always enjoyed the feel of the tempurpedic in stores but haven’t invested due to the price. Purple intrigues me and despite some people’s claim to the opposite I do think they have an innovated product. No other mattress looks like it, and the egg test they did was very interesting with results being duplicated by various parties. I’m still unsure if we should invest because the price is still fairly expensive but this comparison does help me in that decision process and I’m still leaning twoard purple,

  7. Just read this and it seems very difficult for people to know why Tempur Pedic is a bit more pricey then most mattresses or it’s durability factor but I’ve known about tempur for years and have seen their products come out for a good time. Tempur – Pedic isn’t for everyone that’s true but it is the most durable mattress when it comes to long lasting and longevity. This has been backed up for quite a long time for me due to personal experiences and working with this company.

    I’ve seen prototypes from 1999 that are still the same as the day they came in. Even a 2001 model shows no signs of breaking down or anything else. As for Purple I doubt they can hold up the same results I’ve looked at their foam and it’s density is sad and pathetic in comparison to be honest. Tempur – Pedic is a much heavier mattress because of its high density and that’s how I know they last so much better. And yes I know this seems a tad bit biased but in comparison to the other companies for a foam mattress none of them are as heavy as a tempur mattress and that disturbs me when it comes to structural integrity.

    • I see what you are saying and agree that Tempur-Pedic does use high-density foams (even if we can’t be sure because they don’t disclose the densities). However, the gel material itself is more durable than memory foam. The base foams are actually not low density, so I would argue with your point a little bit.

    • Hi there – Tempurpedic is definitely great on durability (generally), should be fine with an adjustable base. Purple is new so its less tested on durability, but from my understanding of the materials, it should be quite durable as well, and fine on an adjustable base.

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