Cocoon Vs. Nectar Mattress Comparison – Which Is Best?

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If you’re in the market for a new memory foam mattress, chances are you’ve heard of Cocoon and Nectar. But which one is best? Well, they both contain high-quality materials and have impressive cooling features. However, each mattress may work for some sleepers more than others.

To help you navigate the confusing landscape of online mattress shopping, we created this in-depth Cocoon vs. Nectar mattress comparison. By the end of this article, you should have a clear idea of who these beds work well for.

Cocoon Vs. Nectar Mattress Comparison

Compare the Cocoon and Nectar mattresses below to see which may be best for you!
Cocoon Mattress
Firm: 7.5/10
Nectar Mattress
Medium-firm: 6.5/10

Cocoon Vs. Nectar Mattress Comparison

Compare the Cocoon and Nectar mattresses below to see which may be best for you!
Cocoon Mattress
Firm: 7.5/10
Nectar Mattress
Medium-firm: 6.5/10

Cocoon Vs Nectar Overview

The Cocoon Chill mattress comes from one of the most recognizable brands out there: Sealy. Customers can choose between the Chill memory foam and Chill hybrid mattresses, but in this comparison, we’ll focus specifically on the all-foam model. This bed contains high-tech phase change material, which helps sleepers stay cool all night long.

Nectar has also garnered quite a following thanks to their numerous mattress models. While you can always opt for the extra luxurious Nectar Premier and Nectar Premier Copper mattresses, you can never go wrong with their flagship all-foam model. After all, this is the one that started it all! Like the Cocoon Chill, this mattress has some unique cooling features. But, like most things, it may not work for every single sleeper. Here’s a quick overview of who may prefer each mattress.

Who Should Get The Cocoon Chill

  • People who prefer firmer mattresses
  • Stomach sleepers
  • Those who want a more responsive mattress

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Who Should Get The Nectar

  • People who prefer medium-firm beds
  • Side sleepers
  • Those who like slow-moving mattresses

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Cocoon Vs. Nectar Mattress Video Comparison

To fully understand what these mattresses feel like, you’ll need to see them in action! Watch our video review below for even more information.


Similarities Between The Cocoon And Nectar?

Before diving into all of the tiny details, let’s see what these two mattresses have in common.

  • The Cocoon and Nectar are both sold at value prices.
  • They’re both all-foam mattresses.
  • The Cocoon and Nectar mattresses have built-in cooling features.
  • They’re both bed-in-a-box mattresses with great customer service terms.

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Key Differences Between The Cocoon And Nectar?

Now, for the really interesting part – the differences! Even though these two beds have similar layouts, there are many things that set them apart from one another.

  • The Cocoon feels firmer than the Nectar.
  • The Cocoon works better for stomach sleepers, while the Nectar suits most side sleepers.
  • Each mattress has a different feel.

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Firmness and Feel Differences

On our firmness scale, the Cocoon mattress comes in at 7.5/10. For reference, 6.5/10 is considered medium-firm. This means the Cocoon mattress feels firmer than the industry standard, and it works well for many back and stomach sleepers.

Because the Nectar’s firmness feels like a 6.5/10, it has a classic medium-firm feel. Many people love this firmness level because it provides ample comfort and support when back and side sleeping. But, as you may know, mattress testing is highly subjective. Let’s take a moment to see how different types of people will like these mattresses.

Sleeping On the Cocoon and Nectar

Because the Cocoon feels slightly firmer than average, it typically works well for back sleepers. The soft memory foam on top creates a bit of body contouring, but you’ll mostly feel the support layer underneath. This also makes the Cocoon a good fit for many stomach sleepers. Unless they are extremely lightweight, side sleepers may feel some pressure along their shoulders and hips.

Cocoon Chill - Back Sleeping

The Nectar mattress has a thicker comfort layer, so it works well for many back and side sleepers. It also has a classic medium-firm feel, so people should notice a great balance of comfort and support on this mattress. The only exception, however, is for stomach sleepers. Generally, stomach sleepers need firm mattresses. Otherwise, their hips may sink into the top layers, which can cause lower back pain over time.

Nectar Mattress - Side Sleeping

What Do The Cocoon And Nectar Mattresses Feel Like?

Even though they have a similar layout, these two mattresses feel very different. The Cocoon’s comfort layer feels especially responsive, so you won’t sink into the layers too much. This makes the mattress especially easy to move around on, and it works well for people who prefer to feel like they’re sleeping on top of the bed rather than inside it.

The Nectar sits on the opposite side of the spectrum. When you press into its foam layers, the material takes a long time to snap back into place. This means when you rest on top of it, you’ll feel yourself sinking into the bed a little bit.

Average Weight Sleepers – 130lbs – 230lbs

The Cocoon mattress works well for average weight back sleepers. Even though this mattress feels firmer than average, it still creates enough comfort and support for most average-weight back sleepers. Some people in this weight category, however, might feel some pressure along their shoulders and hips when side sleeping. Average-weight stomach sleepers, on the other hand, should think this mattress is a great pick.

On the Nectar, average-weight back and side sleepers should feel quite comfortable. That’s because this mattress has a thicker comfort layer and a supportive base layer. Average weight stomach sleepers, though, may find this mattress feels too soft. Most likely, people in this category will feel their backs crane out of  alignment.

Heavyweight Sleepers – Over 230lbs

The Cocoon mattress should work well for heavier back sleepers. Those who weigh more than 300lbs, though, might need something with a bit more support. Because of its thin comfort layer, the Cocoon doesn’t work especially well for heavier side sleepers. This mattress could suit some heavier stomach sleepers, but again, most people will prefer one of the best mattresses for heavy people.

The Nectar will likely suit heavier back and side sleepers who weigh less than 300lbs. Those who weigh more could benefit from an innerspring mattress. And because the Nectar doesn’t feel especially firm, it won’t work well for heavier stomach sleepers.

Lightweight Sleepers – Under 130lbs

On the Cocoon, lightweight sleepers should feel supported in all three sleeping positions. Those who weigh less than 130lbs won’t compress the foam layers too much, so they should feel comfortable now matter how they sleep. In fact, we named the Cocoon Chill one of the best mattresses for lightweight sleepers.

The Nectar mattress also works well for most lightweight sleepers. When resting on their backs or sides, smaller people should feel plenty of pressure relief. Some lightweight stomach sleepers might feel the Nectar works well, but in general, stomach sleepers should look for a firm mattress.

Mattress Construction Differences

At first glance, these two mattresses may seem identical. However, there are many different materials tucked inside each layer. Here’s an overview of what you’ll find in each bed.


The Cocoon Chill’s mattress cover contains phase change material. This high-tech fabric helps with temperature regulation, and it keeps sleepers cool all night long.

The Nectar also has a cooling cover. It’s made out of a thin polyethylene material, which keeps the mattress breathable and cool-to-the-touch.

Comfort Layers

The Cocoon Chill has two comfort layers. The first, a 2” layer of Perfect Fit memory foam, helps alleviate pain on pressure points. Beneath this, you’ll find a 2” transition layer.

Cocoon Construction

With the Nectar, gel memory foam is the name of the game. This comfort layer not only conforms to the body; it also helps dissipate heat and promote airflow. Like the Cocoon, the Nectar mattress has a transition layer that acts as a buffer between the comfort and support sections.

Nectar Classic Mattress - Construction

Support Layer

Both mattresses have a support layer made out of high-density base foam. The Sealy Cocoon mattress has a 6” support layer, while Nectar’s base layer stands at 7” tall.

Mattress Height

The Cocoon Chill mattress is 10” tall.

The Nectar mattress is bigger, coming in at 12” tall.

Cocoon And Nectar Size Options And Price

Of course, if you’re shopping for a new mattress, you’ll want to know all about the price points and size options! Take a look at our handy charts to learn more about these beds.

Cocoon Chill

Size Dimensions Price
Twin 38" x 75" $769.00
Twin XL 38" x 80" $869.00
Full 54" x 75" $969.00
Queen 60" x 80" $1239.00
King 76" x 80" $1539.00
California King 72" x 84" $1539.00


Size Dimensions Price
Twin 38” x 75” $599.00
Twin XL 38” x 80” $769.00
Full 54” x 75” $899.00
Queen 60” x 80” $999.00
King 76” x 80” $1299.00
California King 72” x 84” $1299.00

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Cocoon Vs. Nectar Mattress Comparison

Compare the Cocoon and Nectar mattresses below to see which may be best for you!
Cocoon Mattress
Firm: 7.5/10
Nectar Mattress
Medium-firm: 6.5/10

Cocoon Vs. Nectar Mattress Comparison

Compare the Cocoon and Nectar mattresses below to see which may be best for you!
Cocoon Mattress
Firm: 7.5/10
Nectar Mattress
Medium-firm: 6.5/10

Nolah And Nectar Performance Differences

Now that we know about firmness, feel, sleeping positions, and construction, let’s take a moment to examine each bed’s performance features.

Sleeping Hot or Cold

They’re both cooling mattresses, but ultimately, we have to give the win to the Cocoon Chill. The phase change material in its cover helps regulate body temperature extremely well. Even though all-foam mattresses tend to trap body heat, that shouldn’t be a problem on the Cocoon Chill.

Motion Transfer

If you’re looking for one of the best mattresses for couples, you’ll want to examine its motion isolation. What does this mean, exactly? In short: If a bed has poor motion transfer, chances are, you’ll feel your partner’s movements in the middle of the night.

Because both the Cocoon and Nectar mattresses only contain foam, they isolate motion extremely well. You shouldn’t feel movement on your side of the bed — even if your partner starts tossing and turning.

Edge Support

In addition to motion transfer, we recommend couples pay close attention to a mattress’s edge support. If the sides collapse when you sit or lie down near the edge, you won’t be able to utilize the full surface area of the mattress.

Generally, memory foam mattresses don’t have the best edge support. The Cocoon Chill and Nectar, however, aren’t your typical foam mattresses.

Cocoon Chill - Edge Support

Because the Cocoon Chill feels firmer than average, you won’t notice a lot of collapse when sitting or resting near the edge. The Nectar, too, has good edge support for an all-foam bed. You may feel the mattress sink whenever you sit on the side, but it’s still quite supportive.

A man sitting on the edge of the bed.


Both mattresses contain high-quality materials and dense base foam. For that reason, we expect the Cocoon and Nectar mattresses to last 7-10 years.


When you open a bed-in-a-box mattress, it’s common to notice a slight chemical smell at first. We call this off-gassing, but you can rest assured knowing it’s not harmful to you or your home.

The Cocoon and Nectar both take about 48 hours to off-gas and expand. After that, you can relax on their memory foam comfort.


The Cocoon and Nectar mattresses don’t have any coils in their construction, so they’re both quiet options. We don’t expect them to become noisy, even after years of use.

Company Policies

Of course, you’ll also want to check out the company’s policies before purchasing a new mattress. Here’s an overview of Cocoon and Nectar’s customer service terms.

Warranty Info

The Cocoon Chill mattress is backed by a 10-year warranty, and the Nectar mattress has an impressive lifetime warranty.

Sleep Trial

The Cocoon Chill has a 100-night sleep trial period, while Nectar’s sleep trial lasts a whopping 365 days.

Return Policy

If you aren’t happy with your Cocoon Chill or Nectar mattress, you can return it for a full refund. Just make sure to file the return during their sleep trial period!


Before wrapping up, we’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the Cocoon and Nectar mattresses.

Which mattress is better, Cocoon Chill or Nectar?

The Cocoon and Nectar are both good mattresses. However, they may not work for every sleeper. The Cocoon Chill is best suited for stomach sleepers, while the Nectar works well for side sleepers. Even though they both have a memory foam feel, the Nectar provides more body contouring.

How long will the Cocoon and Nectar mattresses last?

Thanks to their high-density base layers, we expect the Cocoon and Nectar mattresses to last 7-10 years.

Can you flip the Cocoon Chill and Nectar mattresses?

No, these are not flippable mattresses. They have strong support foam at the bottom and memory foam layers on top. If you tried to flip either mattress, it wouldn’t provide the intended comfort and support.

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