Brentwood Home Factory Tour

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A line of mattresses I really like is Brentwood Home, offering options ranging from innerspring to natural latex (at a variety of prices).  Last month I visited their factory just South of Los Angeles, California to see where the magic happens.  It doesn’t disappoint, scroll down to see how mattresses (and other bed items) are made right here in the USA.

Brentwood Home Mattress Factory

First stop?  The mattress compressing machine of course!  This shows how a mattress is folded and rolled up to fit in that small box that appears on your doorstep.  Definitely a highlight of the tour.

The factory is located just South of LA, and is quite expansive (they recently expanded the factory to increase capacity).  As you can see, it is definitely quite a sight at first glance and a little overwhelming for a newcomer.

Brentwood Home Factory Tour

However, the layout of the factory makes a lot more sense as you walk through it (thanks to the Brentwood Home staff for their kind hospitality).  One machine that caught my eye is the quilting machine, which combines foam and fabric into a cover.

Brentwood Home Fabrics

Below is an example of the finished product, as you can see the machine is capable of producing some pretty intricate designs for the cover.

Brentwood Home Quilted Covers

Not impressed?  Let’s up the game with some more stitching!  Check out the scale of these automated stitching machines.


Other big component?  Foam, foam, and more foam.

Brentwood Home Foam

The foam needs to be treated as well, and Brentwood Home has a machine to speed the treatment process along (check out some video below).

Other major component?  Springs of course!  Brentwood Home includes pocket coils in a number of their models, see an example of them below before they enter the mattress.

Brentwood Home Pocket Coils

At the end of it all, we get the final product on the line.  This is just one of many mattresses coming through the line that day.  It was amazing to watch the process and see what a science Brentwood Home has made mattress making.

Brentwood Home Mattress

Check out my Brentwood Home review or my mattress reviews for more information on the right mattress for you.  If you have a Brentwood Home mattress in mind, make sure to check my Brentwood Home coupon page for some extra savings.

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