How To Care For Your Bamboo Sheets

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Soft, sustainable and increasingly popular, bamboo sheets have become a luxurious addition to bedrooms around the world. Their natural properties offer comfort and breathability like no other fabric. However, to keep these eco-friendly sheets at their best, proper care and maintenance are essential.

Whether you’re a long-time bamboo sheet enthusiast or just discovering their benefits, understanding how to care for them is key to maximizing your investment. In this article, I’ll walk you through the steps to launder, store and maintain your bamboo sheets. 

How to Wash Your Bamboo Sheets

When washing bamboo sheets, it’s best to stay away from any detergent that contains harsh chemicals, as this can damage them. You can use either cold or warm water to wash the bamboo sheets, but steer clear of hot water

If you are using a washing machine, be sure to put it on the most gentle setting to avoid causing too much friction in the washer. 

What Is the Best Detergent to Clean Bamboo Sheets?

When washing your bamboo sheets, use an eco-friendly detergent in liquid form. Laundry products such as Aspen Clean, Seventh Generation, Ecos or Meyer’s Clean Day work well with bamboo sheets. 

Can You Wash Bamboo Sheets With Other Fabrics? 

Washing your bamboo sheets with other fabrics can cause abrasion and damage, so if you want your sheets to stand the test of time, it is better to wash them on their own. There are pros and cons to bamboo sheets, but taking care of them in the right way will provide you with the best benefits.  

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How Often Should You Wash Your Bamboo Sheets? 

You should wash bamboo sheets as frequently as you would any other sheets. Try to wash your sheets every week, especially if you live in a warmer climate. At the least, you should wash your bamboo sheets once every two weeks.  

How to Dry Your Bamboo Sheets

There are two options for drying your bamboo sheets: You can either hang them up to air dry or toss them in the dryer. 

Air-drying Sheets

Air-drying your sheets is the best option if you want them to last a long time. Hang them up on the line to dry before popping them back on your bed. 

Machine-Drying Sheets

If you want your sheets to dry quickly, then you can pop them in the dryer on a gentle setting. Don’t use high heat on your sheets, as it can cause damage. 


How to Remove Wrinkles from Bamboo Sheets

There are two ways you can easily remove wrinkles from bamboo sheets:


In order to ensure your sheets don’t wrinkle in the air-drying process, stretch them out before pegging them onto your washing line. 


You can iron your bamboo sheets to remove the wrinkles, but ensure you use a low heat setting to minimize damage. 

How to Retain Softness

These are a few ways you can encourage your bamboo sheets to retain their softness. 

Wash On Their Own 

By washing your bamboo sheets on their own, you can prevent them from rubbing against other fabrics and help eliminate wear and tear. 

Wash Gently 

Washing your bamboo sheets on a gentle setting ensures they are not violently tossed around in the washer. Only using gentle wash settings means you’ll preserve the integrity of the sheets. 

Air-dry Bedding 

Leaving your bamboo sheets to air-dry, rather than tossing them in the dryer, helps them retain their elasticity.

How to Store Bamboo Bedding 

If you are storing bamboo sheets, keep them neatly folded in a cool, dry closet. If you plan on storing them for a long period of time, you may want to place them on top of some acid-free tissue paper. This can help prevent white bamboo sheets from turning yellow.

Things to Avoid

  • Don’t wash bamboo sheets in temperatures higher than 86 F.
  • Don’t wash bamboo sheets with other items. 
  • Don’t wash bamboo sheets with harsh cleaners or on vigorous wash cycles. 


Do bamboo sheets wrinkle after washing?

Bamboo sheets can wrinkle after washing, especially if they are put in the dryer. The wrinkles should disappear quickly once the sheet is stretched over a mattress. But if you want to avoid wrinkles altogether, you can air-dry your sheets or iron them with low heat.

How often should I wash bamboo sheets?

Bamboo sheets should be washed once a week, or once every two weeks at the very least. If you live in warm conditions or have pets that sleep on your bed, it’s better to wash your sheets on a weekly basis to get rid of bacteria buildup.

How to take care of your bamboo bedding?

Washing your bamboo sheets gently on low heat will help them to last longer. It’s also best to let them air-dry naturally and store them in a cool and dry place.

Do bamboo sheets pill?

Pilling is not generally a concern with bamboo sheets, especially if you are washing them gently and not subjecting them to high heat.

How long do bamboo sheets last?

Bamboo sheets generally last between five and 15 years, depending on how well they are cared for. If you want to ensure your bamboo sheets stand the test of time, wash them gently on cool to low heat and allow them to air-dry naturally. Make sure to store your sheets in a cool, dry place.

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