SoundAsleep Air Mattress Review – The Best for Camping?

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If anyone is getting ready to break out the camping gear for a trip to the woods, it’s always a good idea to bring an air mattress along. There’s nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night with jagged rocks or bumpy roots digging into our backs.

One of the best camping air mattresses we have come across is the SoundAsleep and we would like to break down what makes it so unique – read on for our full SoundAsleep air mattress review!

SoundAsleep Air Mattress Deals

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SoundAsleep Air Mattress Overview

The air mattress comes from SoundAsleep, a producer of high-quality air mattresses. Two of their lines, the Cloud Nine and Dream Series, feature more substantial air mattresses with more complex construction and built-in pumps.

The SoundAsleep camping air mattress is much simpler, but campers shouldn’t let that simplicity deceive them. It is a durable and comfortable air mattress that should make for a great night of sleeping under the stars.

SoundAsleep Air Mattress Logo

Who Might Like The SoundAsleep Air Mattress

  • Those who want a comfortable and supportive option for camping
  • Parents who want a simple air mattress for their children
  • Campers who want an air mattress that will inflate almost immediately

Who Might Not Like The SoundAsleep Air Mattress

  • Those who are looking for a substantial air mattress for house guests
  • People who want firmness options with their air mattress
  • Sleepers who want an air mattress with a built-in pump

SoundAsleep Air Mattress Video Review

Those who want to see the SoundAsleep camping air mattress in action should definitely take a look at our in-depth video review. Our reviewer, Marten, looks at the construction of the SoundAsleep, talks about his experience, and shows how the air mattress works.


SoundAsleep Air Mattress Performance

Now, let’s discuss just how well the SoundAsleep camping air mattress works in regard to comfort, inflation, and durability.


The SoundAsleep comes with a rechargeable pump in the box and its nozzle fits snugly in the air mattress’s air valve. Turning on the pump, it takes less than a minute for the SoundAsleep camping air mattress to completely inflate!

Sleeping On The SoundAsleep Air Mattress

Starting off on our backs, the SoundAsleep is properly supportive and comfortable. The air mattress lets our hips sink in, but we can feel the support of the I-Beam system within the mattress holding up the rest of the body.

SoundAsleep Air Mattress - Back Sleeping

Moving to our sides, the SoundAsleep air mattress is pretty comfortable and, while side sleeping isn’t always the best on air mattresses, we feel some decent pressure relief on our shoulders and hips. No matter what, it’s definitely more comfortable than the floor of a tent or the hard ground!

Stomach sleeping on the SoundAsleep, we also feel properly supported by the I-Beam Air Coils system. Our hips don’t bow into the mattress too much and we feel even support across the entire body.


In our time with the SoundAsleep, we did not experience any air leakage but this, of course, might be more likely if we use it for many more years. Looking at the design of the SoundAsleep air mattress, it does seem like it is going to be durable and longer-lasting because the PVC is multi-layered and should help prevent popping and air leakage.

Warranty Info

The SoundAsleep camping air mattress comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

SoundAsleep Air Mattress Construction

Now, let’s talk about what the SoundAsleep camping air mattress is made of and discuss some of its exciting extra features. We’ll look at the inside and outside of the SoundAsleep and see just what makes it so special.


The SoundAsleep camping air mattress is made of PVC, a material you find in most air mattresses. However, this PVC is thicker than standard PVC and is multi-layered to make popping and air leaking much less likely.


The SoundAsleep is 9″ tall and is not a very substantial air mattress. This is not surprising, given that it is made with camping in mind and not for long-term use inside.

The top of the mattress also boasts soft flocking to prevent squeaking when sleepers move around on the SoundAsleep.

SoundAsleep Air Mattress - Flocking

Internal Construction

Inside, the SoundAsleep air mattress features something called I-Beam Air Coils. These provide even support through the air mattress so that it does not sag down too much in any area.

Air Valve

The SoundAsleep’s air valve can be found at the end of the air mattress and features a pretty standard twistable cap. However, once one takes off this cap, the air does not come rushing out immediately. That is because a small plastic tab covers the hole from within the air mattress, and it must be pushed back before the mattress can be inflated or deflated.

SoundAsleep Air Mattress - Air Valve


The SoundAsleep air mattress comes with a rechargeable pump included in its shipping box. The company recommends charging the pump for 12 hours before use, and we do recommend this. Once it is fully, charged, it will inflate the SoundAsleep air mattress extremely quickly.

SoundAsleep Air Mattress Size Options And Price

Check out the following chart to see the most up-to-date price and size options for the SoundAsleep:

Twin 42″ x 75″ x 9″ $79
Queen 63″ x 79″ x 9″ $89

Air Mattress FAQs

Now, we would like to answer some frequently asked questions about the SoundAsleep camping air mattress.

Is SoundAsleep a good air mattress brand?

In our experience, SoundAsleep is a good air mattress brand - they make high-quality, durable air mattresses for both camping and indoor use.

Does the SoundAsleep air mattress come with a pump?

The SoundAsleep camping air mattress comes with an external pump included, and their other models feature built-in pumps.

Is the SoundAsleep camping air mattress comfortable?

The SoundAsleep camping air mattress is very comfortable and should be a good fit for back sleeping, side sleeping, and stomach sleeping.

Marten Carlson

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