Mattress Clarity Cap10K Giveaways

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Hello Austin CAP10K runners, friends, family, and supporters of all kinds! Welcome to the Mattress Clarity CAP10K giveaway page. On this page, you’ll find links to enter our mattress giveaway and accessory giveaways. You can enter each giveaway by providing your name and email (so we’ll know how to reach you if you win) and date of birth (to confirm that you are aged 18 or older).

Interested in a chance to win something from all of our amazing partners? Use the form below to automatically enter into all four giveaways. If you’re only interested in select giveaways, you may enter those individually using the email entries below.

Mattress Clarity CAP10K All Brands Giveaway

Mattress Clarity Cap10K Giveaway

All Mattress Clarity Cap10K giveaways will run from April 15 to May 15. Winners will be announced on this page.

In each giveaway, there is an option to enter multiple times by following our Instagram, TikTok and subscribing to our YouTube (each follow counts as one entry). You can also enter future giveaways on these channels, so make sure to keep an eye out if you’re hoping to win a free mattress, pillow, sheets, or other sleep accessory.

Check out what you can win in these giveaways below! Want to skip the game of chance and buy right away? Head to our CAP10K discount page, where you can find limited-time only discount codes to save on all of these products.

Helix Mattress Giveaway

The Helix mattress giveaway will offer one winner any Helix mattress of their choosing.

Mattress Clarity Cap10K Mattress Giveaway
Learn More About the Helix Mattress Learn More About the Helix Mattress

Lagoon Pillow Giveaway

The Lagoon pillow giveaway will offer five winners any Lagoon pillow of their choosing

Mattress Clarity Lagoon Pillow Giveaway
Learn more about Lagoon Learn more about Lagoon

Brooklinen Giveaway

The Brooklinen giveaway will offer three winners a set of Luxe Core sheets.

Mattress Clarity Cap10K Brooklinen Sheet Giveaway
Learn more about Brooklinen Learn more about Brooklinen

Cozy Earth Giveaway

The Cozy Earth giveaway will offer three winners a $200 Cozy Earth gift card.

Mattress Clarity Cozy Earth Giveaway
Learn more about Cozy Earth Learn more about Cozy Earth

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Terms and Conditions: Must be 18 or older and reside in the contiguous United States to enter. Winners will be contacted by our team to select their desired size and model where applicable. Winners are chosen at random.

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