Sleep Accessories And Resources For College Students

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Getting ready to head off to college? To make packing and college preparation even easier for you, we’ve gathered our best college sleep resources, tips, and sleep accessory roundups below. Check out these articles to help you stay rested and get your best night’s sleep, even in a dorm bed!

College Sleep Resources

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Stress And Sleep In College

There’s no doubt about it — college can be stressful. Gone are the days when your routine is predictable and calm. Now, you’re navigating sporadic schedules, packed lecture halls, and thousands of new faces. And while these days often feel inspiring and exciting, they can also bring anxiety and insomnia. Quality sleep has numerous health

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The Ultimate Guide To Sleeping Better On A College Campus

Getting a good night’s sleep in college can be tough. There’s an old saying: In college, you can have a great social life, get good grades, and get adequate sleep. Oh, but you can only have two of those three things at once! For many students, sleep goes on the back burner. According to the

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Sleep Accessories For Your College Dorm

Best Pillows Of 2021 For Every Type Of Sleeper

Over the past few years, I’ve had the opportunity to review more than 50 pillows. I’m talking pretty much every type of pillow, including a huge range of fillings, cover materials, innovative designs, and one-of-a-kind features I honestly didn’t know existed until now. With all of this in mind, I’ve created a comprehensive list of the best

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Best Cotton Sheets – Tried and Tested!

Cotton sheets are considered a timeless and classic staple in many homes – they’re soft, durable, and lightweight. Plus, the sheets are sold in a variety of differing thread counts, weaves and colors that suit nearly all bedrooms. While bed sheets produced with 100% cotton face some more modern competition – namely from cotton/polyester blends

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Best Mattress Toppers For College Dorm Beds

Those who have recently moved into their dorm room might have noticed something unfortunate: the dorm room mattress is uncomfortable!  This is an issue many college students face and, believe me, I remember trying to sleep on my dorm room mattress Freshman year of college. The combination of noisy neighbors and an uncomfortable mattress had me

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Best Weighted Blanket - Side Sleeping

Best Weighted Blankets 2021

Weighted blankets are so popular right now – it seems everywhere I turn, there is a new article about the potential benefits of weighted blankets! Well, I have tried and reviewed many of the top brands on the market, and I can say that weighted blankets really do work; they make it significantly easier to

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Best Comforters 2021

Picking the right comforter can make all the difference when it comes to one’s sleep quality; finding the perfect warmth, loft, and filling could ensure one gets a long, deep sleep. While most people prefer something warm and fluffy, this feeling is not for everyone. There are many types of sleepers and many types of

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Best Reviewed Mattress Protectors 2021

Not only are mattress protectors a great way to make your mattress longer, finding the right protector is key to a good night’s sleep. We tested the top mattress protectors to make sure they delivered not only on mattress protection but comfort as well. You’ll find our complete list of the best mattress protectors below

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Sleep And Dorm Tips For College

How To Hang Your Balckout Curtains

How To Hang Your Blackout Curtains – Just A Few Simple Steps!

When it comes to installing blackout curtains, the results can be totally worth the handiwork involved.  A dark room helps to signal to our body that it’s time for rest and sleep. Whether someone works the night shift and sleeps during the day or their baby needs a mid-day nap, blackout curtains can be the

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Alcohol And Sleep

How Alcohol Impacts Sleep – What You Should Know

Those who you drink alcohol have probably had a had a night where a few drinks left them feeling drowsy. Alcohol is a depressant, which means it can help one fall asleep faster. However, it can affect the quality of our sleep, and not in a good way. In 2013, researchers reviewed 20 studies centered

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sleep deprived woman at work

Everything You Need To Know About Sleep Deprivation

Let’s face it: People in the U.S. are really tired… like, all the time. The morning lines in coffee shops get super long as people wait for their caffeine hit before work. Commuters doze off on the train or bus on the daily. And for many Americans, taking a second to sit down on the

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A woman types on her computer.

Why You Shouldn’t Do Work In Your Bedroom

Doing work in one’s bedroom often sounds like an appealing idea. After all, most of us would prefer to stay in our PJs rather than getting dressed for the office. So many people are tempted by the idea of reviewing files from their cozy bed or taking that early-morning conference call in their bedroom that

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A man looks at his computer in the dark.

5 Tips For Pulling A Successful All-Nighter

Generally speaking, it’s not a good idea to stay up all night. We all need adequate sleep to function properly in day-to-day tasks, and sleep deprivation can be dangerous. For example, sleep-deprived people shouldn’t drive because a lack of sleep causes slower reaction times and poorer decision-making. But unfortunately, sometimes pulling an all-nighter and struggling

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How To Turn Your Room Into A Sleep Haven

There are a few steps people can take to set up their bedroom for optimal sleep — backed by science, too! Here’s what the experts recommend. Pay attention to the temperature. The National Sleep Foundation estimates that the ideal temperature for sleep is 65 degrees, though everyone is slightly different so one’s temperature needs may

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