Eli & Elm Whitney Collection Cotton Sheets Review

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Eli & Elm’s Whitney Collection cotton sheets are a mix of cotton, Lyocell, and paraffin — something you may not see in your everyday set of sheets. Paraffin is a part of the brand’s advanced Phase Change Material (PCM) technology, which is used to regulate body temperature and help you sleep cool all night long.

So how do the sheets stack up after our review? Check it all out below.


Eli & Elm's Whitney Collection Cotton Sheets are made of cotton, Lyocell, and a Phase Change Material that helps regulate your body temperature all night. 

Key Features

  • 70% cotton, 20% Lyocell (synthetic fiber), 10% paraffin
  • 400 thread count, long-staple cotton with a sateen weave
  • Phase Change Material (PCM): This temperature-regulating technology is infused into an extremely soft, long-staple cotton sheet. The sheets react to temperature fluctuations throughout the night by absorbing and releasing heat (depending on the environment)
  • Fits mattresses up to 15” deep
  • Comes in white color only
  • Queen, King, and California King sizes
  • $280 for Queen at full price
  • 45-day return policy

Who Makes Them?

These cotton sheets are made by bedding brand Eli & Elm. The company says its sheets are made from “400 thread count long-staple cotton and unique phase change material.” Because of this material, the brand claims that “the Eli & Elm cotton collection is the most advanced bed sheet on the market.”

In addition to these sheets, Eli & Elm also makes bamboo sheets as well as two pillows, including one specifically designed for side sleepers.

Sheet Care

Care instructions from the brand say to wash separately in a cold or warm wash; use a gentle, low tumble dry; iron on the lowest setting; and avoid using bleach or dry cleaning the sheets.

Due to the use of paraffin in the sheets, it is especially important to dry on a low setting so you don’t damage the fiber.


  • PCM technology keeps sheets cool
  • Soft, crisp cotton feel
  • Lightweight
  • Drape well on the bed
  • Machine washable and dryer friendly


  • On the expensive side; not for those on a budget
  • Only one color available
  • Doesn’t have your typical sateen feel
  • No sizes for smaller beds

My Experience

Eli & Elm’s Whitney Collection cotton sheets are smooth, lightweight, and very much focused on keeping you cool all night long.

The fabric is a blend of cotton, lyocell (which is a durable synthetic fiber), and paraffin. The paraffin is one of the main materials in Eli & Elm’s advanced Phase Change Material technology. PCM can be found in a lot of activewear fabrics because of its ability to help regulate temperature.

I personally found the sheets to be super breathable and had no issues being hot or cold during the night. The addition of the PCM in the construction of the sheets does give it a crisper feel, which is not characteristic of a sateen weave. Most sateen sheets have a silkier or more buttery “hand feel” (a term for what the sheets feel like when you hold the fabric in your hand).

At the time of this review, the sheets were limited in color options and sizes. You can get them only in white and only for a Queen, King, or California King mattress.

In terms of care, they’re machine washable and you can throw them in the dryer — just make sure to keep it on a low heat setting. Because of the advance PCM technology that’s incorporated into the sheets, you risk damaging them if you set the heat too high.

The sheets will wrinkle unless you use a low iron on them. The best way to avoid major wrinkles is to pull the sheets out of the dryer when they’re still warm and put them straight on the bed. Those who don’t want any wrinkles will still need to iron them.

The sheets come with a 45-day return policy, but the brand asks customers to sleep on the Eli and Elm sheets for 2 weeks to see if the sheets are right for them.


Eli & Elm's Whitney Collection Cotton Sheets are made of cotton, Lyocell, and a Phase Change Material that helps regulate your body temperature all night. 


Overall, my experience with these sheets was really positive. I enjoyed reviewing them and can definitely see them in rotation on my bed.

If you’re a hot sleeper looking for a pair of crisp and durable cotton sheets, these could be the set for you. They have a really nice feel and don’t wrinkle terribly. But with their limited colors and sizes (and high price), I would say the biggest reason to purchase these is if you’re struggling with temperature regulation.

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