Yogabed Construction Deep Dive

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In our review, I put together my general thoughts on the Yogabed. For those that are detailed and serious mattress buyers, I wanted to put together a more specific analysis of the construction of the mattress. I’ll talk about each component of the mattress and say what’s unique about it and what the important takeaways are.  Make sure also to check out our full Yogabed review.

Cover- There are a lot of mattresses that have covers you can remove. However, it’s usually a pain to do so. Yogabed constructed its cover so you can take it off very quickly and easily. It’s machine washable as well, so essentially they designed the cover to make it as easy as possible to maintain and keep clean. This is definitely unique in the industry, and could be a good selling point for the right person.

Top Layer- Instant Response Foam– Yogabed built its own proprietary foam for its top layer.   As the name indicates, it is meant to react quickly to your body. Unlike memory foam, which reacts very slowly to body movement, the instant response foam conforms almost immediately. This gives the bed a certain springiness, not dissimilar to latex. The foam was engineered to keep cool, even in hot weather. The main things you should take away are that the foam does provide great pressure relief, and it has a springy, resilient feel similar to latex. This layer is .75 inches thick.

2nd Layer- YogaGel– This is another layer of proprietary foam. This layer provides cushion and comfort, and it is designed to allow proper contouring of the body, or as the company says “cushion while dispersing impact from deep compression.”  The layer was also specifically designed to keep cool, and from my experience it does a very good job of doing so.

3rd and 4th Layer– These layers are high density support foam. They are meant to provide excellent support, while also remaining breathable and staying cool.

yogabed construction

Overall– The main takeaways of the construction of this mattress are that the mattress was specifically constructed to stay cool, provide great pressure relief, and also have a certain springiness and resiliency.

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