WinkBeds Behind the Scenes: Pre-Launch Photo Shoot

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We hear from a lot of mattress companies about the nitty-gritty process of creating a process – the endless iterations, the factory visits, collecting customer feedback, etc.  For mattress geeks like us, that’s the good stuff.  However most people might be interested in the flashier side of the business, like the WinkBeds photo shoot!  Check out these behind-the-scene photos from the initial WinkBeds photo shoot in NYC.

The Epic Jump

You’ve seen them do it on the site, that wasn’t just fancy cinematography, it really happened! Good thing they found a model with a solid vertical.

WinkBeds Jump On Bed

But why let him have all the fun?  Pretty sure this was just the models running wild, out of control.  Good thing this bed has two layers of springs…

WinkBeds Mattress Jumping

These guys had no idea what was about to happen.  Though in a Manhattan photo studio, I’m sure they’ve seen plenty of crazy things over the years.  Cool shot before they got started of all the lights and backdrop necessary to take such great shots.WinkBeds Studio

Great photo of them prepping one of the actresses.  To clarify, this is before she became famous in the mattress world.  Now she can’t walk into Mattress Firm without being surrounded by Paparazzi.  The struggle is real.

WinkBeds Makeup For Photo Shoot

Finally proof that the mattress industry is NOT all work and no play.  The WinkBeds crew getting their pillow-fight on!WinkBeds pillow fight

Thanks to WinkBeds for these behind the scenes photos!  Check out my full WinkBeds review for more info on this fun company with a great mattress.

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