Serta iComfort Blue Max 1000 Cushion Firm Mattress – The Best Fit For You?

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In 2017, Serta re-designed their collection of iComfort mattresses sets. The most recent collection includes a series of memory foam mattresses that utilize TempActiv™ Technology, combining layers of different types of memory foam with cooling technology on the cover and within the foam layers.

There are two lines within the memory foam collection: Blue and Blue Max. The Blue Max collection is made up of four different beds, one of which is the Blue Max 1000 Cushion Firm. The Blue Max line offers even more enhanced heat dissipation and an instant “cool to the touch” feeling than the Blue line according to the company.

Read on for our full review of the Blue Max 1000 Cushion Firm mattress and its unique features and design.

Construction Overview

The Serta iComfort Blue Max 1000 Cushion Firm Model is approximately 12.5″ thick, with a blue and white TempActiv™ Touch Cover on the outside of the mattress.

Serta iComfort Blue Max 1000 Cushion Firm mattress

The foam layers inside the mattress include:

  • 1” TempActiv™ Max Gel Memory Foam
  • 1½” Deep Reaction™ Memory Foam
  • 1” Serta® Support Foam
  • 1” EverCool® Fuze™ Memory Foam
  • 2” ActivBalance™ Support Foam

Plus, there is a support system of 6” Serta® Ultimate Edge® Foam Core inside the mattress.

ActivBalance™ Support Foam is a gel-infused foam that has an unusual surface design that Serta says will ” help enhance the responsive feel our memory foam layers.” The channels within the foam also allow for airflow which will help promote breathability within the all-foam mattress.

ActivBalance™ Support Foam

Firmness Level

The Blue Max 1000 Cushion Firm Model is on the firmer end of Serta’s firmness scale:

This mattress has a layer of Deep Reaction™ Memory Foam which is only found in the firmer iComfort memory foam mattresses. According to Serta, this layer provides “a substantial, deep-down feel not often found with traditional memory foam.”

While it is one of the firmer mattresses in the Blue and Blue Max collections, it is not the absolute firmest option. The Blue 300 model is the firmest option in the Serta iComfort memory foam series.

You Might Want To Consider This If:

  • You like a responsive memory-foam feel. According to the Serta website, the 2” layer of ActivBalance™ Support Foam “enhances the responsive feel of the memory foam layers, creating a substantial and extremely comfortable cushion-firm feel.”
  • You get hot while you are sleeping. There’s plenty of cooling technology here: a 1” layer of EverCool® Fuze™ Memory Foam, plus a 1” layer of Serta TempActiv™ Gel Memory Foam.
  • You want a mattress that’s firm, but has a little cushion. It’s towards the firmer end of the scale but features 3.5″ of contouring memory foam (in two different layers) before reaching support foam. It is by no means the firmest option Serta offers.
  • You and your partner need to compromise on firmness. One reviewer recommended this model highly “for a couple that has different preferences in the choice of firmness.”

You Might Not Want To Consider This If:

  • You like a “bouncy” mattress that feels like something with coils or springs. The Serta iComfort Blue Max 1000 Cushion Firm feels “enveloping” due to the layer of ActivBalance™ Support Foam. You will sink more deeply into this bed than you would something that offered support through coils or even latex foam.
  • You like a very plushy, soft mattress. Again, this mattress is on the firmer end and is not the plushest option. It’s better suited for stomach sleeepers and some back sleepers. It does have some cushion, so it’s possible that side sleepers may find comfort with this bed but we’d recommend a plusher option for those who sleep exclusively on their side and need that pressure relief.
  • You are on a limited budget. The Serta iComfort Blue Max 1000 Cushion Firm starts at $1,799 for a Queen mattress. It is one of the most affordable beds in the Blue Max line but there are more affordable options in the simpler Blue line.

Most Common Pieces Of Praise

  • The cooling technology really works. One reviewer wrote: “The coolness is actually noticeable when your body comes in contact with the mattress.”
  • Side sleepers report that the mattress comfortably supports their hips and joints, easing any pain.

Most Common Complaints

  • One buyer said that their mattresses required “breaking down of the gel foam” — i.e. that the foam was initially a bit stiff, but improved after they slept on the Serta iComfort Blue Max 1000 Cushion Firm for a few nights.
  • Some buyers say that there was a strong chemical odor (off-gassing) when they first took the mattress out of the packaging, however, this smell dissipates after the mattress has been “aired out” for a few days.
  • If you add a mattress topper, the mattress may not feel cool to the touch – but this issue will go away if you remove the topper.

Why Pick This Over Other iComfort models?

The Serta iComfort Blue Max 1000 Cushion Firm mattress is one of the firmest options in the range but the layers that add the “cushion” to it seem to make it comfortable enough that side sleepers can enjoy the support without feeling stiffness.

Reviewers say that this mattress is a good fit for couples. The memory foam isolates motion, meaning that you won’t be disturbed at night when your partner moves around or gets in and out of bed. Also, partners with different sleep positions may like the firmness with the cushioning memory foam layers.


The Blue Max 1000 Cushion Firm model has three layers of memory foam, two layers of support foam, and a foam core. The cooling features include a layer of TempActiv™ Gel Memory Foam, a layer of EverCool® Fuze™ Memory Foam, and a TempActiv™ Touch Cover.

The Blue Max 1000 Cushion Firm could be a great option for couples, especially those who like a combination of firmness, support, and pressure relief, as the bed tends to be on the firmer side but has several contouring layers.

All Serta iComfort series mattresses come with a 120-night in-home trial period.

Check out the complete Serta iComfort review, here. 


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2 thoughts on “Serta iComfort Blue Max 1000 Cushion Firm Mattress – The Best Fit For You?”

  1. I purchased a king size Blue Max mattress 4 months ago and for the last month have been going around and around with Haynes Furniture in Newport News Virginia. I paid a lot of money for this mattress and also bought a lift set to go with it. When I raise the bed up at the headboard and try to sit up to read…..I am sitting in a hole. There is no support in the middle of the bed. Haynes sent a repair man (fixes furniture) out and he said it would probably do that after sitting on it for about an hour. I can’t even sit there for n 10 minutes. Then he wanted to turn my bed around because one side is soft and other side is firm. I told him NO because all that does is move one problem to the other side. I am so upset, my husband just died and I can’t seem to get any satisfaction. What does the warranty include and what is it for? Please respond to this because my next step is small claims court, social media, etc.
    Thank you,

    • Linda, I’m sorry for your loss and the frustration you’re feeling. Warranties are there to cover you in case you received a defective product. You’ll want to read the warranty in full off Serta’s website: – look for the warranty details that apply to your model. From what I can tell, they have a section about mattress sagging. I’d check that out and go from there in terms of filing a warranty claim.

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