Best Mattress 2019 – Which Mattress Should You Get?

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Every day we get emails from readers asking what the best mattress is. We always respond with this: it truly depends on a variety of personal preferences.

It’s a boring answer on the surface, but there are so many subjective things about mattresses that there really isn’t one best mattress for every person.

So we wanted to approach this question by providing different categories for the different mattress types and then different budgets. From there, we offer some top picks and explain why we like them.

At the end of this article, you can see all the criteria we have for judging a mattress and why we chose these as our top picks.

Quick Overview: The Best Mattresses of 2019

Most Comfortable

Layla is one of the most comfortable mattresses I've ever slept on.

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Best Value

The Saatva is a great balance of comfort and support and overall an amazing value.

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The Casper is an excellent value and because of its unique construction is a great fit for all sleeping positions.

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Best For Side Sleepers

The Nolah is a very comfortable mattress that should be a good option for side sleepers. 

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Best Hybrid

The Helix Midnight comes in both a standard "10 inch model and a LUXE model at "14 for added comfort and support. 

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Best For Heavy People
New Purple Mattress
New Purple Mattress

The New Purple Mattress is very comfortable, supportive, and durable for heavy people.

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Affordable Luxury

DreamCloud offers you the chance to get ultra luxury at an affordable price.

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Best Innerspring

Winkbeds is a great innerspring mattress that is both comfortable and supportive.

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Best Options Overall
Brooklyn Bedding
Brooklyn Bedding

Brooklyn Bedding has great mattress options that are all great values as well.

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Best Under $700

Nectar is a very comfortable mattress that should probably cost a lot more than it does.  It is a great value.

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Best Under $2,000

Zenhaven provides an all-natural latex mattress that is very durable, comfortable, and supportive.

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Top Picks Explained

Take a look at my top picks for mattresses. There are multiple categories because people prioritize different things regarding their sleep, so read on to find the perfect match for you.

Most Comfortable


The Layla mattress is one of the most comfortable mattresses I have ever tried. It features very soft memory foam that relieves pressure very well.

This memory foam is also infused with copper, which can help with blood circulation and keep you cool while you sleep.

In addition, it is a flippable mattress, so you get two mattress firmnesses in one mattress. If one side isn’t to your liking, simply flip it over for a different firmness.

If you are simply looking for a comfortable mattress, is it worth checking out the Layla. 

What Makes The Layla Stand Out?

  • The Layla is one of the most comfortable mattresses I have ever tried.
  • The mattress is flippable, so it has a soft side and firm side. The soft side is a great fit for side sleepers and some back sleepers. The firm side is better for stomach sleepers.
  • The memory foam on the Layla relieves pressure better than many mattresses that I have tried. Side sleepers should really like the Layla mattress.
  • Memory foam mattresses can sometimes cause you to overheat while you sleep. This shouldn’t be the case with the Layla mattress. Many of the foam layers are designed to dissipate heat, so you should be sleeping cool.

Read my full review for the Layla mattress.

$110 Off

Layla is an innovative mattress that happens to be one of the most comfortable mattresses I've ever slept on.  You can get $110 off the Layla mattress by clicking the link below and then using code MCLARITY.

Best Value


The Saatva mattress comes from The Saatva Company, which also produces the Loom & Leaf and Zenhaven mattresses. While the Saatva may cost more than many bed-in-a-box mattresses, it does have a lot of offer.

It features durable coils and high-density memory foam, so it should be a longer-lasting mattress. In addition, it features a great balance of comfort and support, so many types of sleepers should find it to be a great fit. In addition, the coils will allow for a lot of airflow, so hot sleepers should enjoy the Saatva. The mattress may cost you more, but it is still one of the best values out there.

What Makes The Saatva Stand Out?

  • The mattress features two layers of coils as well as a memory foam Euro top. The coils will ensure the mattress gives enough support, and the memory foam will add a level of pressure relief. This should be a great match for a variety of positions.
  • The two layers of coils also promote a good amount of airflow throughout the mattress. This means it should be a more breathable, cooler sleeping mattress.
  • The durable components mean this mattress should be longer-lasting. The Saatva should be a good, long-term investment.
  • The coils and foam also make this a good option for sleepers struggling with back pain. The mattress should contour to the shape of your body, and you should also get the lumbar support they need

Read more in my full Saatva mattress review.

Saatva Mattress Deals

Saatva is a great value that happens to be both comfortable and supportive at the same time.  You can get the best current deal on Saatva simply by clicking the link below.



Casper features a zoned construction.  That means it will be firmer in the middle of the mattress and softer at the top.  That makes it more supportive for back and stomach sleeping and softer for side sleeping.  For that reason, it is a great fit for all three sleeping positions.

The Casper has a nice balanced foam feel overall.  It incorporates latex and memory foam qualities all in one mattress.  That means you will have some bounce but not too much.  You will sink into the mattress but not too much.  The mattress is also going to be breathable, meaning you will not have to worry about sleeping hot.

What Makes The Casper Stand Out?

  • The mattress is a great fit for any sleeping position because of its zoned construction.  It will be firmer and more supportive when you sleep on your back or stomach.  It will be softer and have good pressure relief when you are on your side.
  • The mattress has a balanced foam feel overall.  You get a lot of the great qualities of latex and memory foam without some of the drawbacks.
  • The Casper is a great value overall.  It has a smart construction that is a great fit for a lot of sleepers.  It should be pretty long-lasting as well.

Read the full Casper mattress review.

10% Off

Casper is a great value that is also a great fit for all three sleeping positions.  You can get 10% Off a Casper mattress simply by clicking the link below.

Best For Side Sleepers


The Nolah is a softer-than-average mattress that contains a proprietary AirFoam. AirFoam is designed to be very pressure relieving and, having tried this out myself, I can say it is true. Lying on my side, I feel almost no pressure on my shoulders and hips. Most side sleepers should find the Nolah to be a good fit. 

In addition, the Nolah is quite a good value. It contains some very durable, high-quality materials, but it is still priced low. For not much money, you should get a longer-lasting mattress

Finally, the Nolah mattress should be a good match for hot sleepers. The AirFoam is made to dissipate heat so you shouldn’t be overheating on the Nolah. 

What Makes The Nolah Stand Out?

  • The AirFoam is designed to be more pressure relieving than memory foam. 
  • The Nolah is very comfortable, pressure relieving, and should be a good match for side sleepers. 
  • The mattress shouldn’t trap heat, making it temperature neutral
  • The Nolah mattress is an affordable alternative to a memory foam mattress. 
  • The components are very durable so it should be a good, long-term investment. 

Read the full Nolah mattress review

$125 Off

Nolah has a VERY comfortable mattress that is especially good for side sleepers.  You can get $125 off the Nolah by clicking the link below and using code MATTRESSCLARITY.

Best For Heavy People

The New Purple Mattress

I was a fan of the original Purple mattress, and I was very excited when they unveiled their new models, the Purple 2, 3, and 4. These mattresses feature a layer of support coils that was not found in the original mattress.

They also incorporate varying levels of Purple’s proprietary hyper-elastic gel polymer. This material creates a gel grid that is firm and pressure relieving at the same time. The new Purple mattresses could be a great fit for many types of sleepers, but I think heavier sleepers will especially like these supportive and comfortable mattresses. 

What Makes The New Purple Mattress Stand Out?

  • It could be a great match for heavier sleepers. Heavier sleepers tend to bottom out on mattresses when they press through the support layer and hit the support layer. This shouldn’t happen on the new Purple mattresses, especially the Purple 3 and 4.
  • The hyper-elastic gel polymer provides a great balance of comfort and support. It is pressure-relieving when you are on your side and supportive when you are on your back or stomach.
  • Hot sleepers shouldn’t worry when sleeping on the new Purple mattresses. The gel grid leaves a lot of room for airflow, so this should be a very breathable mattress.
    The gel grid is also one of the most durable materials I have seen in a mattress. It should stand up to years of wear and tear. The new Purple mattresses are definitely good long-term investments.

Check out the full review for the New Purple mattresses. 

New Purple Mattress Deals

Purple 4 is a perfect choice if you are a side sleeper, are looking for a long-term investment, and are a hot sleeper. Get the best deal on your new Purple mattress, plus get a free pillow when you click the button below.

Affordable Luxury


The DreamCloud is a hybrid mattress that offers a hotel luxury feel for a value price. This luxury mattress features a Cashmere cover, five layers of foam, as well as support coils.

It is a thicker mattress with a thick comfort layer, so heavier sleepers should feel supported without bottoming out. They won’t press through the mattress and hit the firm support layers.

In addition, the mattress has a medium firmness, so many types of sleepers should find the proper amount of comfort and support on the DreamCloud.

What Makes The DreamCloud Stand Out?

  • Those who love the feeling of a luxury hotel mattress should enjoy the DreamCloud mattress. While this type of feel would usually cost you quite a bit, the DreamCloud is very affordable.
  • The mattress is medium-firm. This means it could be a great match for all three sleeping positions. The coils should offer great support, and the thick comfort layer should relieve pressure well.
  • The DreamCloud should also be a cooler sleeping mattress. The cover is breathable, the foams dissipate heat, and the coils promote airflow.
  • While the mattress might be too soft for heavier stomach sleepers, heavier back and side sleepers should find what they need on the DreamCloud.

You can read more about the DreamCloud in my full written review.

$200 Off

DreamCloud is a high-quality, luxury mattress that a lot of people are going to like.  You can get $200 off the DreamCloud mattress simply by clicking the link below.

Best Innerspring


The WinkBeds is a high-quality, innerspring mattress. It features two layers of coils and a pillow top. It gives you that feel you might get on a mattress at a luxury hotel.

The coils offer a good amount of support, and the pillow top relieves pressure. Add this together with the medium-firmness, and this means this mattress could be a great fit for all three sleeping positions.

In addition, there are four models available, so there really is something for everyone.

What Makes The WinkBeds Stand Out?

  • Fans of innerspring mattresses should like the WinkBeds mattress. It has that luxury feel you get on a hotel mattress.
  • The WinkBeds is an innerspring mattress with a pillow top. It features a nice balance of comfort and support, so it should be a great match for numerous sleeping positions.
  • There are also four mattress models. They range from Soft, a great fit for side sleepers, all the way to Plus, made specifically for larger people.
  • The mattress shouldn’t sleep too hot. The two layers of coils allow for a good amount of airflow, so this should be a very breathable mattress.
  • The two layers of coils and high-density foams found in the pillow top mean this should be a durable mattress. It should stand up to years of use and could be a good long-term investment.

Read my review for the WinkBeds Luxury Firm mattress as well as Marten’s review of the WinkBeds Plus mattress.

$200 OFF

Winkbeds has a mattress that is an excellent balance of comfort and support.  You can get $200 off the Winkbeds mattress by clicking the link below and using code MC200 at checkout.

Best Options Overall

Brooklyn Bedding

This company offers one of the best selections of mattresses. They have value mattresses, luxury mattresses, and even mattresses made for athletes. Whatever you are looking for, Brooklyn Bedding should have a mattress option for you.

In addition, they own their own factory, so they are able to sell their mattresses for a fraction of the price. If you are looking for options and value, Brooklyn Bedding is worth looking into.

What Makes The Brooklyn Bedding Mattresses Stand Out?

  • Brooklyn Bedding has a wide selection of mattress. They have options for a variety of sleepers.
  • They offer quality mattresses at a value price. Owning their own factory allows Brooklyn Bedding to cut out the middleman and sell their mattresses for a more affordable price.
  • Those who don’t know what they are looking for or have specific mattress needs could find the right mattress with Brooklyn Bedding.

See the full reviews for the Brooklyn Bedding Bowery, Signature, Aurora, and Spartan mattresses.

Get 20% Off

Brooklyn Bedding has amazing products that are sold at very affordable prices.  You can get an additional 20% off Brooklyn Bedding mattresses by clicking below and using code CLARITY20 at checkout.

Best Under $700


This bed-in-a-box memory foam mattress is one of the best values out there. You can get a Queen mattress for around $700. Considering how quality the Nectar mattress is, I would expect it to be much more expensive.

While the memory foam feels firm at first, it quickly softens up and relieves pressure on the shoulders and hips. Side and back sleepers should like the Nectar mattress. Fans of the soft memory foam feel should also definitely consider the Nectar mattress.

What Makes The Nectar Stand Out?

  • You get a high-quality memory foam mattress for a very affordable price.
  • The soft memory foam offers excellent pressure relief for side sleepers. It really melts the pressure away.
  • The mattress should also be supportive enough for most back sleepers. In addition, the foam conforms to the shape of your body, so the contouring is top notch.
  • It has that classic memory foam feel. You should sink slowly into the mattress and feel it envelop you.
  • Even though it is a memory foam mattress, it shouldn’t sleep hot. The cover and the foams used in this mattress dissipate heat, so you should be sleeping quite cool.

Check out my full review for the Nectar mattress.

Nectar Mattress Deals

Nectar is a very comfortable memory foam mattress that happens to also be an amazing value.  You can get the best deal on the Nectar plus two premium pillows by clicking the link below.

Best Under $2,000


The Zenhaven is one of the best all-natural latex mattresses out there. While latex will usually cost you quite a lot, the Zenhaven is very reasonably priced.

It features latex that is bouncy and cooling as well. It should be easy to move around on the mattress, and it should be a cooler sleeping mattress as well.

The mattress is also flippable, so there are two firmness options in this one mattress. Whatever side you choose, the mattress is really best for back and stomach sleepers. Both sides are supportive, so you should be able to find that right amount of support for you.

What Makes The Zenhaven Mattress Stand Out

  • It is a green, all-natural latex mattress. The Talalay latex is responsibly sourced, and the mattress is a great choice for those who want to avoid chemicals in their mattress.
  • The Zenhaven is a great choice for hot sleepers. The latex is a naturally breathable material, so you shouldn’t be overheating.
  • The mattress is flippable, so there are two firmnesses in one mattress. Back and stomach sleepers should be able to find just the firmness for them.
  • The latex in the Zenhaven is also very durable. This means this should be a long-lasting mattress.

Read my full Zenhaven mattress review.

Zenhaven Deals

Zenhaven is an all-natural latex mattress that is innovative and has an excellent match of comfort and support.  Get the best deal on Zenhaven by clicking the button below.

Best Mattress By Category

Memory Foam

There are a lot of really good memory foam mattresses out there in 2019, and there are a lot of really bad ones too.  I could list about a lot of great options for you, but I thought I’d keep the list limited.  Here are a few that I think represent great value.

Why Amerisleep?

Amerisleep has a line of memory foam mattresses that have different firmness levels and different feels.  If you don’t believe there is one best mattress for everyone, then Amerisleep might be a good company to check out.  Their memory foam is faster-responding than typical memory foam.  That means you get good pressure relief without the feeling of getting stuck.  They also do an excellent job of keeping their mattresses cool, maybe more so than any other memory foam mattress company.  The mattresses are well constructed and are available at great prices.

Read our Amerisleep review

Why Loom & Leaf?

Loom & Leaf offers you the opportunity to get a luxurious memory foam mattress that would normally cost 2-3x more in a retail store for a fraction of the cost.  They have also directly addressed the issue of sleeping hot in their construction and their mattress is faster-responding than normal memory foam, meaning you don’t have the feeling of getting stuck.  Overall, it’s a great value.

Read our Loom And Leaf review

Why Layla?

The Layla mattress is innovative for a few reasons.  It uses copper-infused memory foam. Copper has been shown to potentially have some health benefits.  The mattress is also two-sided, meaning you have two firmness levels in one.  For me, the soft side was especially good at relieving pressure on my shoulders and hips.  That is why I think it’s a great option for people looking for a memory foam mattress who happen to sleep on their side.

Read Our Full Layla Review

Why Bear?

The Bear mattress is very comfortable and uses quality components that you normally only see at much price points.

The Bear does perhaps the best job of any memory foam mattress in terms of sleeping cool.  This is because they use a special celliant cover and a graphite gel memory foam.  The result is a mattress with much higher airflow than any other memory foam mattress.

Read our Bear mattress review


Latex is becoming an increasingly popular category because it offers some of the benefits of a foam mattress without some of the drawbacks.  There’s different subcategories within the latex category that all offer something different.

Synthetic Latex: Brooklyn Bedding

Natural Latex: Zenhaven

Latex Hybrid: Ghostbed

Brooklyn Bedding

Brooklyn Bedding has a well constructed mattress that features two inches of talalay latex over two inches of dunlop latex in the comfort layer.  The support layer is high-density polyfoam.  The mattress is durable and has great pressure relief while being resilient at the same time.  Because the latex is synthetic, the mattress is priced at a very affordable level ($750 for a Queen).  They also offer different firmness levels too.  Overall, it’s a great mattress for someone wanting a quality latex mattress at an affordable price.

Read our Brooklyn Bedding review


If you are looking for an all-natural latex mattress, Zenhaven is a great choice.  It uses natural latex throughout the mattress.  That makes it a great option for people wanting a product as close to organic as possible.  It’s also flippable, meaning you get two firmness levels in one.  All the materials are very durable, so it should be a long-lasting mattress.  At $1,899, it’s actually a great value considering how expensive natural latex mattresses usually are.

Read our Zenhaven review


Ghostbed uses a latex over memory foam construction.  That means you get pressure relief without the feeling of getting stuck or getting too hot while sleeping.  They use quality materials, so the mattress should last longer than many other similar mattresses.  At just under $750 for a Queen (using a coupon), it’s a great value and one of the best choices out there at that price range.

Read our Ghostbed review


Innerspring is still the most popular mattress type and is the feel most people are familiar with.  There are a lot of good options out there, but I thought I’d list out just a few good ones to make things simple.

Side sleepers: Winkbeds

Back/Stomach sleepers: Saatva

Budget: Aviya


Winkbeds has a luxurious construction that features a coil-on-coil design that you normally only see in mattresses much more expensive.  The foam on top of the coils is pretty soft, and as a result you get good pressure relief on your shoulders and hips when you sleep on your side.  In my opinion, it’s a quality mattress that is well suited for side sleepers.  It’s only $1,299 for a Queen.

Read our Winkbeds review


Saatva also has a luxurious construction, and it has a history of great reviews over a number of years now.  The mattress is well constructed, and in my opinion it is a little bit firmer than average.  For me, that makes it an ideal mattress for most people who sleep on their back or stomach.  At $999 for a Queen, the mattress represents an opportunity to get a great value.

Read our Saatva review


Aviya is another quality spring mattress that uses great materials but doesn’t charge a ton of money for its mattress.  The foams they use are high-density and they use pocketed coils.  You can get a Queen for as low as $799, making it an awesome option for those who are on a budget.

Read our Aviya mattress review

Best Mattress By Budget

Under $600

Without a doubt, the best mattress you can get under $600 is the Love And Sleep mattress Nest Bedding.  Because the company owns the factory, this mattress is truly factory direct and you get the best value possible.  It’s really comfortable and uses quality, durable materials.  It has great pressure relief without the feeling of getting stuck in your mattress.  It also has extra features that will ensure you sleep nice and cool.  At this price point, I have yet to see a better value.

Read Our Love And Sleep Review

Under $750

Ghostbed: If you use a $50 coupon (which is typically available), then it’s just under $750 for a Queen.  The Ghostbed uses quality, durable components that really make the mattress a great value.  It’s a latex over memory foam hybrid that does a good job of staying cool.  If you want a foam feel with good pressure relief and without the feeling of getting stuck, this is a good choice.  It’s an awesome value given how affordable it is.

Read our Ghostbed review

Under $1,000

Helix: If you aren’t quite sure what type of mattress you want to get, then Helix might be a good option to take a look at.  It allows you to get a mattress completely customized to your needs and preferences.  You’ll take a quiz that asks you what your height, weight, sleeping position, preferred firmness, etc. are.  Based on the answers to those questions, you’ll get a customized mattress.  The company uses good materials as well, so overall it’s a pretty intriguing option.  A Queen comes in at just under $1,000, so I think it’s a great option if you’re in this price range.

Read our Helix mattress review

Purple: Purple has a unique comfort layer.  It has a hyper-elastic polymer gel grid instead of foam.  This comfort layer is great at relieving pressure and is also much more durable than foam.  It also sleeps temperature neutral, which is a big selling point for a lot of people who are sensitive to sleeping hot.  There’s a lot to like about this mattress, and at the moment you can get a Queen for $999, which is a great deal.

Read our Purple mattress review

Under $1,500

We think a top candidate to be the best mattress under $1,500 is the Sapira mattress.  The Sapira mattress can definitely be considered a luxury mattress.  It is also a hybrid mattress that aims to combine the best aspects of foam and spring.  The comfort layer has high-density performance foam which is durable and responsive.  It also has a layer of high-density memory foam for great pressure relief.  The support system is a heavy-duty coil system that is top of the line.  It has amazing edge support and is very durable.  Overall, you get great pressure relief as well as great support.  A Queen is just under $1,500, so it’s definitely one of the best options around that price level.

Read our Sapira mattress review

Under $2,000

Zenhaven: It is very hard to find mattresses that use natural materials.  It is even harder to find mattresses that use natural materials and are still affordable.  To get a natural mattress, you need a natural latex mattress.  Sourcing natural latex is very expensive, so as a result natural latex mattresses are typically very expensive.  By cutting out the middleman in the process, Zenhaven is able to offer a natural latex mattress at a price much lower than you would find at a retail store.

Aside from using natural materials, the mattress is also flippable, meaning it has two firmness levels in one.  This means you have a great chance of getting a firmness level that’s right for you.  Overall, it’s a great mattress that will last a very long time and represents a great value.

Read our Zenhaven review

Affordable Luxury

Dreamcloud: If you have ever stayed in a really nice hotel, you may have noticed how luxurious the mattress you slept on was.  It probably had a lot of nice extras to the construction that made it feel extra nice.  That is really what you get from the Dreamcloud mattress.  It has a large number of layers that you simply don’t find in a mattress at this price level.  It features other things like a cashmere cover and nice tufting that really give it a nice, luxurious feel.  Aside from that, it should be a good fit for all three sleeping positions and it can even be a good fit for heavier sleepers (given how thick and supportive it is).

Read Our Full Dreamcloud Review

If you Just Aren’t Sure

If you really don’t know what you want, I would take a look at Helix.  Helix offers you the opportunity to get a fully customized mattress.  You fill out a series of questions and they will make a mattress that is customized based on your answers to those questions.  If you sleep with a partner, you can actually customize each side of the mattress.  For those reasons, this could be an interesting choice if you really just don’t know what mattress you should get.

Read our Helix mattress review

Factors We Look At

There are a number of factors that we look at when doing our reviews.  Some of the factors are objective and others are more subjective.  Here’s a quick list of what we take a look at in 2019.

  • Value– There are multiple ways to assess the value of a mattress.  If the company spends a ton on overhead and marketing, then the product is probably going to be priced higher than it could be otherwise.  If the materials are not durable, then the product won’t last long and it won’t be a good value.  We take a look at the quality of the materials and assess the company’s business model.  We then look at the price being charged and are able to make a good assessment of the overall value of the mattress.
  • Feel– Feel is a subjective thing.  Some people, for example, love memory foam while others can’t stand it.  Rather than saying one type of feel is better than another, we assess the feel, describe it in detail, show it off, and try to point you in the right direction.  Ultimately, you will have to make the assessment for the type of feel that you think is best for you.
  • Firmness– Firmness is also a subjective measure.  We’ll give our take on what we think the firmness is and we’ll demonstrate it via video.  However, take our assessment with a grain of salt because it is such a subjective measure.  One person might think a mattress is firmer than average, while someone else might think the same exact mattress is softer than average.
  • Motion Isolation– If you sleep with a partner, then motion isolation should be an important factor to consider.  This simply means, if your partner shifts around in bed, will you feel the motion?  Some mattresses are great at isolating motion, while others are not so great.
  • Company Reputation– It’s important that a company treat its customers well.  We take a look at things like the company’s trial period, return policy, and overall customer service.  We have seen some companies do things like not honor their return policy or make it as hard as possible to return their product.  We want to help you avoid companies like that, so we do a deep dive into this area to make sure you buy a product from a company you can trust.
  • Matching Marketing Claims To Reality– Mattress companies are known for making big claims about their product.  In some cases the claims are true and in others they are big exaggerations.  We try to do our best to assess how accurate the claims made by the companies are.
  • Quality Of The Materials– There are some objective things you can assess about the quality of the materials used in each mattress.  Durability, for example, is directly affected by the density of the foams used in the mattress.  We do a full analysis of the quality of the individual materials used in each mattress.
  • Sleeping Hot– This is a huge factor for a lot of people.  Lots of people are especially sensitive to sleeping hot.  We take extra time to assess this aspect of the mattress and give extra points to companies that directly address this issue.
  • Transparency– In some cases, we understand why a company might not want to be fully transparent about its products, but we do greatly favor companies who are in fact 100% transparent about their products.  Providing all the details of the mattress assures consumers that they can know exactly what’s in their mattress.
  • Return Rate– No company ever publicly discloses their return rate.  We try to prod the company, however, to privately give us this statistic so we can make sure it is at a reasonably low level.  Having a low return rate is of course a great way to know that customers are loving the product.
  • Overall Philosophy– Rather than simply saying “this mattress is great” or “this mattress is terrible,” we recognize that this is a fairly subjective process.  As a result, we simply try to point you in the right direction by categorizing each mattress and saying what type of sleeper might like it.

Detailed Best Mattress Articles

If you know which mattress type you are looking at, what your budget is, or what your sleeping style is, then you can take a look at the more detailed articles we’ve written on those subjects.

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