A woman sets up her smartwatch with her phone.

Are Sleep Tracking Apps Causing People To Obsess Over Their Sleep?

Have you ever heard of orthosomnia? It’s a new sleep disorder coined by researchers late last year, and people who ...
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This Free Music Playlist Was Designed By A Sleep Expert

Sleep specialist Tom Middleton released a special playlist of music on World Sleep Day (March 16) that is designed to help ...
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Today Is World Sleep Day – How Will You Celebrate?

Fun fact: World Sleep Day has been celebrated on the Friday before the Spring Vernal Equinox every year for the ...
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National Sleep Foundation And Uber Team Up For Sleep Health Awareness

On February 12, the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) announced a partnership with Uber to promote sleep health education and awareness ...
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man yawning at work desk

Could Afternoon Napping Help Improve Job Performance?

Napping on the job sounds like a workplace faux pas. But in reality, more companies are encouraging their employees to ...
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