Junk food cravings

Chronic Sleep Deprivation Is Associated With Nutrient Deficiencies (And Vice Versa)

Both sleep deprivation and nutrient deficiencies are common among American adults. New research suggests these two phenomena might be related ...
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Voting at polling place

Insufficient Sleep May Reduce Voting And Other Forms Of Civic Engagement

Lack of sleep may negatively impact civic participation by reducing voter turnout and other “prosocial” behaviors such as signing petitions ...
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Sleep-Deprived Teens Are Almost Twice As Likely To Engage In Unsafe Sex

Chronically sleep-deprived teenagers may be more likely to practice unsafe sexual activities than teens who obtain adequate sleep, suggests a ...
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3 Sleep Experts Share Their Tips For Getting Through Finals

The end of the school year can be a stressful time for students. The time and energy spent writing papers, ...
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Losing Just 16 Minutes Of Sleep Can Impact Your Job

Researchers from the University of South Florida say that employees who come up short on sleep during the weekday — even ...
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