Mythbusting Review Says Exercising Before Bedtime Is Actually Okay

For years, common wisdom has held that exercising in the hours leading up to bedtime can make it harder to ...
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LeBron James

LeBron James Sleeps A Lot. Here’s Why Other Athletes Should Too

LeBron James has made headlines for many reasons over the years. The NBA powerhouse and newly minted Lakers star has ...
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NFL Players Are Using Sleep Number Beds To Help Optimize Their Performance

In January, the National Football League (NFL) and popular retailer Sleep Number announced a new partnership that made Sleep Number ...
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NBA players

Late-Night Tweeting Impairs Basketball Players’ Sleep And Athletic Performance

NBA players who skip sleep in favor of late-night tweeting perform worse in games the next day, a new study ...
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sharing bed with pets

Dogs Vs. Cats: Study Sheds Light On How Different Pets Affect Sleep Quality

The battle of Dog People versus Cat People just got some more ammunition. New research suggests that when it comes ...
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