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tired shopping

Daylight Saving Time Changes Sleepy Shoppers’ Purchasing Habits

If you spend the week after daylight saving time (DST) walking around like a zombie, you’re not alone. Research consistently ...
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Today’s World Sleep Day! Check Out Our Team’s Top Sleep Tips

World Sleep Day (March 15) is a celebration of sleep. According to the World Sleep Society, which hosts the annual ...
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Mythbusting Review Says Exercising Before Bedtime Is Actually Okay

For years, common wisdom has held that exercising in the hours leading up to bedtime can make it harder to ...
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LeBron James

LeBron James Sleeps a Lot – Here’s Why Other Athletes Should Too

LeBron James has made headlines for many reasons over the years. The NBA powerhouse and newly minted Lakers star has ...
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NBA players

Late-Night Tweeting Impairs Basketball Players’ Sleep And Athletic Performance

NBA players who skip sleep in favor of late-night tweeting perform worse in games the next day, a new study ...
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