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Voting at polling place

Insufficient Sleep May Reduce Voting And Other Forms Of Civic Engagement

Lack of sleep may negatively impact civic participation by reducing voter turnout and other “prosocial” behaviors such as signing petitions ...
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Losing Just 16 Minutes Of Sleep Can Impact Your Job

Researchers from the University of South Florida say that employees who come up short on sleep during the weekday — even ...
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Sleep Training: A Q&A With Pediatric Sleep Consultant Susie Parker

Quality sleep and a new baby don't always go hand in hand. While babies sleep for approximately 14 to 17 hours ...
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Anti-energy drinks

“Anti-Energy” Drinks Emerge As Sleep-Inducing Trend

Anti-energy drinks may be the next big trend in the sleep aids market. Anti-energy drinks aren’t new (they’ve been around ...
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The Gregory Hotel In NYC Offers Guests A Sleep-Promoting Hotel Room

Guests who choose to stay in The Gregory Hotel's Ultimate Sleep Room will spend the night in a room that’s ...
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