Eve Mattress Motion Transfer Test

Eve Mattress motion transfer test

Motion transfer is an important consideration if you sleep with a partner.  Most foam mattresses perform well under this test, but we decided to put the Eve mattress on video so that you could see for yourself.  Check out the Eve firmness and feel video for more testing of this mattress. As you can see, …

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Eve Mattress Firmness and Feel

Eve Mattress Feel and Firmness

As for firmness, the Eve is actually a bit firmer than I expected, I’d put it at a 7/10 on the firmness scale.  The firmness comes with great support, so I think that this mattress would be a great option for back and stomach sleepers, though it may not be the best option for side …

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Eve Mattress Unboxing

Eve Mattress Unboxing

The Eve Mattress Unboxing is simple and straightforward.  My big tip is to start with the mattress on the frame so that you don’t have to move the mattress after it is decompressed (which is more difficult).  After that, it’s really just a matter of getting the plastic off the mattress and letting it expand. …

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Interview with Jas Bagniewski, founder and CEO of Eve Mattress

Eve Mattress graphic

We sat down with Jas Bagniewski, founder and CEO of Eve Mattress.  Eve has been selling mattresses for a few years, but officially launched in the UK and Germany this year, and is currently launching in the US.  Learn more about the Eve mattress in our Eve mattress review. How did Eve get started?  What’s …

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