Yogabed Thermocool Cover

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In the recent onslaught of online-only mattress companies, Yogabed was the first to come out with a removable cover.  The advantage is that the cover can be removed and washed, a perk for those looking to keep their mattress extra clean.

Months after their initial launch, yogabed has come out with an updated version of their cover, which now will include THERMOCOOL.  The cover will still be removable via zipper as in previous models.  THERMOCOOL is essentially a fiber that regulates temperature, cooling sleepers down when they are hot and heating them up when they are cool.

THERMOCOOL is new to mattresses (as far as we know), but it has been used in athletic apparel for some time.  Naturally athletes and outdoorsmen could greatly benefit from clothing that helps them regulate their temperature.

How can it heat and cool?

  • It heats by having a thermo-buffering quality that protects users from temperature changes.
  • It cools by having an evaporative surface that allows enhanced air circulation

Earlier this month we also saw Bear Mattress launch, which includes Celliant technology in its cover to help athletes recover.  With Yogabed and Bear Mattress both bringing unique technology to their covers, we must wonder whether there is a new shift coming in terms of how we think about how our mattress should perform.

THERMOCOOL is now included in all Yogabed mattresses.  Read my full Yogabed review for details on the rest of the mattress.

Yogabed thermacool cover

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