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General Sleep Tips

should pets sleep in your bed

Sleeping, Eating and Playing: How to Keep Your Pet Healthy

All pet owners want the best for their furry friends. It’s important to keep pets healthy and happy, and one of the best ways to …

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A doctor holds up an x-ray.

5 Ways to Stay Awake and Boost Energy During a Long Shift at the Hospital

Working overnight shifts or extra-long hours can take its toll on anyone’s health. After all, there’s a huge body of research connecting long shifts with …

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Two people hold hands on the beach.

How To Maintain A Solid Relationship With Your Conflicting Sleep Schedules

Relationships can be a lot of work – even when you get to spend time with your partner every day. Add night shift schedules and …

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Sleep And Travel Tips

Sleep On Plane Tips

How to Sleep on a Plane: Tips for Pre-Flight and Mid-Flight Rest

Do you sleep on a plane or stay awake? Many of us who travel frequently have simply become accustomed to sleeping poorly (or not at …

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