Sleep Tips And Guides For Parents

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Check out our sleep articles for new and expecting parents below to help you and your child get a better night’s rest!

Sleep And Pregnancy

A woman lies in bed.

How to Sleep With Sciatic Pain During Pregnancy

Pregnancy and motherhood can bring many new blessings. That doesn’t mean they don’t come with their share of hardships, as well. In fact, pregnancy can …

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sleeping pregnant woman

How To Get The Best Sleep During Your Pregnancy (And After)

When you get pregnant, there are tons of things you expect will happen: more frequent trips to the bathroom, strange cravings for salty things, and …

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A child's hand holding a pacifier.

Mothers Who Co-Sleep Past 6 Months May Feel More Depressed, Study Says

Co-sleeping — that’s the practice of sleeping in the same bed as one’s infant, baby, or child — is a much-discussed practice. Many parents opt …

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Sleep Articles For Parents

the start of the school year is a good time to start a new sleep routine with your kids

Creating A Sleep Routine For The New School Year: A Q&A With Pediatrician Dr. Noorjahan Ali

When the summer has come to an end and it’s time for school supply shopping and laying out the first day of school outfits, there …

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Everything You Should Know About Your Baby’s Sleep

The common phrase that someone “slept like a baby” implies that babies sleep deeply and peacefully. But if you’ve ever actually spent time around a …

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Teen screen use

Teens Can Get Better Sleep Just By Reducing Screen Time For One Week

Teens who cut back on screen time for as little as one week may enjoy more sleep and feel less fatigued, according to a new …

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New Study Finds Preschoolers Losing Sleep To TV

Preschool-aged children who watch more than an hour’s worth of television a day get notably less sleep than those who don’t watch, suggests research from …

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New Study Highlights Link Between Infant Suffocation And Unsafe Sleep Practices

Researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) say “unsafe sleep practices” with infants — such as sleeping in an adult bed and …

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Sleep Training: A Q&A With Pediatric Sleep Consultant Susie Parker

Quality sleep and a new baby don’t always go hand in hand. While babies sleep for approximately 14 to 17 hours in a 24-hour period, these …

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