Sleep Technology

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The world of sleep is quickly evolving as sleep tracker grow in popularity and new smart devices, like smart mattresses, are released. Check out some of our articles on the hottest sleep technology to keep up with the trends!

Sleep Trackers

Making Sense of Your Sleep Tracker

With the rising popularity of wearable technology (think smart watches, devices, and apps), there are now countless options to track your activity. For example, with …

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Your Complete Guide to Sleep Trackers and Apps

Everyone’s talking about tracking your sleep. Back in 2014, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) labeled sleep deprivation an epidemic. They found that …

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How Accurate Are Sleep Trackers?

Sleep trackers are becoming increasingly popular. iPhone apps like SleepCycle and Pillow claim to measure your sleep using your phone’s accelerometer, and popular smartwatches like …

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Smart Mattresses

Eight Sleep Unveils New Cooling Smart Mattress, The Pod

Sleep fitness and mattress company Eight Sleep recently unveiled its new smart bed, the Pod. The high-tech mattress includes temperature-regulating technology, biometric tracking, and even …

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Smart Mattress Featuring New Tech Launches On Indiegogo

Matrix, a new smart mattress that promises to track your heart rate variability and analyze your sleep data through sensor technology within your bed, launches …

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Eight Unveils New Smart Mattresses

Those in the market for a tech-enabled mattress will have new options to consider, as online retailer Eight added four new mattresses to its product …

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More Sleep Tech

Dream Machine by Pillow Cube Featured Image

Pillow Cube Announces New Sleep Aid Product

Pillow and sleep product brand Pillow Cube recently announced a Kickstarter campaign for a new product, the Dream Machine. Jay Davis, the creator of the …

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ReST and BedJet Partnership

Through New Partnership, BedJet Brings Temperature Control To ReST Smart Beds

This month, ReST Performance announced its decision to partner with sleep technology start-up BedJet and offer customers the ability to add temperature control technology to …

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SleepScore Labs Will Pay Employees To Track Sleep

Employees of sleep tech company SleepsScore Labs are experiencing a new type of workplace incentive. In short, they’re being paid to sleep. The leadership team …

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