Sleep History, Bedtime Stories, And Fun

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Looking to read your child a bedtime story or want to learn more about the history of sleep? Check out our articles below!

Bedtime Stories

12 Inspiring Bedtime Stories for Your Child

The bedtime story is a time-honored tradition; across the world, parents share cherished tales with their children as part of the evening ritual, and eventually …

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A woman listens to her headphones in bed.

Shine Launches Sleep Stories, Bedtime Tales To Help You Rest

Shine, an online and mobile app that offers inspirational content, has added a new feature to its brand: bedtime stories designed to lull you to …

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Ancient Greek stories

Bedtime Stories From Mythology Literature

Derived from the Greek term mythologia that means “the telling of stories”, mythology describes a group of stories that attempts to explain the nature of …

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Sleep History And Fun

Waterhouse Sleep

Who Is Hypnos, The God Of Sleep?

As one studies Greek mythology, they may learn about Hypnos, who was the god of sleep. Hypnos is generally considered to be a benevolent god …

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How Do Different Animals Sleep?

We spend a lot of time thinking about how humans sleep, especially how much we sleep we can get uninterrupted. What about how our pets …

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Breakfast Around The World

Around the World in 50 Traditional Breakfast Dishes

The word breakfast refers to “breaking the fasting period” of the previous night. While it is common knowledge that breakfast is considered the “most important …

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International Pillow Fight Day Is April 7: How To Join The Battle

There’s something so freeing about a pillow fight. It brings back those carefree days of slumber parties and adolescent tomfoolery. No bills, no responsibilities—just full-on …

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A couple and their dog lie in bed.

What Does Our Sleep Position Say About Our Personalities?

Does the way we sleep offer any clues about our individual personalities? According to sleep specialist Chris Idzikowski, it just might. Idzikowski surveyed 1,004 British …

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Could We Be Nearing The End Of Daylight Savings Time?

Daylight Saving Time (DST), aka the thing that causes you to gain or lose an hour twice a year and feel confused about it for …

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