Sleep Health And Hygiene

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Sleep hygiene and health are essential to getting your best night’s sleep. Read our articles below to better understand the basics of sleep hygiene, how sleep works, how your sleep environment impacts your rest, and more!

Sleep Hygiene 101

What Exactly Is Sleep Hygiene?

“Sleep hygiene” is one of those buzzy phrases everyone is talking about. But what does it actually mean? Sleep hygiene is a set of behaviors …

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A man looks tired and holds his coffee.

How To Rid Yourself Of Morning Grogginess

If you don’t have a hard time waking up in the morning, you probably know someone who does. They’re the person who hits the snooze …

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Can You Catch Up On Sleep Over The Weekend?

Ever heard of “sleep debt?” Scientific American describes it as “the difference between the amount of sleep you should be getting and the amount you actually …

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How Sleep Works

How Much Sleep Do I Need?

Sometimes, needing to sleep at night can feel really freaking inconvenient. For instance, when you come home after a long day at work and you …

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The Complete Guide to Your Sleep Cycle

Going to bed each night might be the most relaxing part of the day. But while someone sleeps, their body and brain continue to work …

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How Does A Lack Of Sleep Affect Your Mood?

Sleep deprivation undoubtedly affects one’s mood. When people haven’t gotten enough sleep, they may well find themselves feeling grumpy, irritable, sluggish, and generally ill-tempered. Lack …

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Sleep Environment

Can You Really Filter Out Sleep-Disrupting Blue Light With An App?

In case people didn’t know, the “blue” light that comes from their electronic screens can make it more difficult for them to get to sleep. …

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How to Create the Perfect Sleep Environment in 9 Steps

There are a few steps people can take to set up their bedroom and create the optimal sleep environment — all backed by science, too! …

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man asleep with dog in bed

Should Your Pup Sleep In Bed With You?

Do you snooze next to your dog? New research from the Mayo Clinic suggests that sleeping with your dog in bed may lower your quality …

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Sleep Positions

Your guide to sleeping positions

Sleeping Positions Guide

Quick: How much time do you spend thinking about your sleep position? If you answered “not a whole lot,” you’re probably in good company. Sleep …

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Sleep, Exercise, And Activity

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Sleep And Allergies

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Debunking (And Confirming) Sleep Myths

Do The Moon’s Cycles Actually Influence Your Sleep?

Many myths and legends suggest the phase of the moon can affect behaviors. (As just one example, look to all the folklore about werewolves.) This …

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Does Counting Sheep Really Help Put You To Sleep?

If you’ve ever had trouble falling asleep at night, chances are that someone has told you to try counting sheep. The theory goes that visualizing …

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A woman rests on the couch.

Why “You Can Sleep When You’re Dead” Is Terrible Advice

Ever heard the phrase “you can sleep when you’re dead?” Well, it turns out that’s some pretty cruddy advice. Obviously, there are times when people …

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School And Sleep

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More Sleep Health Articles

Cannabis and sleep

Science Says: Can Cannabis Help You Sleep Better?

Whether or not cannabis can assist people in obtaining better sleep is a matter of hot debate. As cannabis is legalized in a growing number …

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elderly woman sleeping

Senior Sleep Guide: Everything To Know About How Sleep Changes As You Age

It’s super common to discover that your sleep habits change with age. One minute you can party until dawn and pull an all-nighter without thinking …

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Drowsy Driving Dangers [2022 Update]

“Driving while sleepy,” or drowsy driving, can be deadly. Drowsiness behind the wheel is responsible for over 1,500 deaths each year. Drowsy driving is such …

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