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Looking for tips on buying and taking care of you mattress and bedding accessories? Mattress Clarity has articles to help you navigate the world of mattress accessories, including the differences between quilts and comforters, how to wash your pillows, how to fold a fitted sheet, and more!


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Can Your Pillow Cause Neck Pain?

Neck stiffness or soreness is – quite literally – a giant pain in the neck. A little more than 14 percent of Americans reported neck pain …

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This Smart Pillow Promises to Help Curb Snoring

If you snore — or share a bed with someone who does — no doubt you’ve tried traditional snoring remedies like side sleeping or a …

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How Often Should You Replace Pillows?

If someone can’t remember how long it’s been since they purchased their pillow, it might be time to think about replacing it. How often should …

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Percale vs Sateen Sheets

Looking for new bed sheets but can’t decide between silky sateen and breathable percale? Not to worry, there are a few key differences between these …

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The Best Thread Count for Sheets: Your Ultimate Sheet Guide

If you just purchased a new mattress, you might need a new set of bed sheets to go with it. There’s a lot to consider …

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Making a hospital corner with bed sheets

How To Make Hospital Corners – A Few Simple Steps!

What the heck are hospital corners and why would someone want them in his or her home? Creating “hospital corners” is a technique used to …

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Comforters, Duvets, And Blankets

4 Tips for Storing Your Comforter

When the weather heats up, that’s a sure sign that it’s time to put away the heavy, winter comforter for the season. But don’t just fold …

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Baffle Box Vs. Sewn-Through Comforters

There are many things you should consider when buying a comforter. The type of fill, its weight, and its fill power will all affect the …

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Understanding Fill Power

When you’re shopping for a down comforter, you see many terms and numbers thrown around. One of the most confusing is “fill power.” What are …

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