Mattresses 101

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New to the wonderful world of mattresses? We’ve got you covered! Check out our articles on the differences between various types of mattresses, mattress buying guides, mattress warranties, and more.

Types Of Mattresses

Coil Mattress Guide: Understanding Coil Gauge, Count, and Types

If you’re interested in an innerspring, pocketed coil, or hybrid mattress, you may want to look into the type and number of mattress coils in …

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Mattress Basics

Mattress Transportation 101: How to Move a Mattress

Mattresses are large, heavy, and often take two people to lift. Because of this, they can be a bit tricky to move. Luckily, a few …

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Why Does It Say To Not Remove Your Mattress Tag Under Penalty of Law?

If you look closely at your mattress tag, you may find that it says you shouldn’t remove said tag “under penalty of law.” What’s that …

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White bedding and plants in a modern bedroom.

Is It Okay to Put Your Mattress on the Floor?

When you’re furnishing your bedroom, it may feel like a bed frame or box spring is an absolute necessity. However, in many cultures, sleeping on …

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Mattress Buying 101

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