Sleep Products Retailer Marpac Acquires Yogabed

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Marpac, the sleep products company that created the original white noise machine, announced the purchase of online mattress retailer Yogabed, in a statement released Tuesday.

“Marpac and Yogabed enjoy tremendous product and company ratings because of shared values in quality, customer service, and people-first cultures,” said Jimmy Sloan co-owner of Marpac. “Adding Yogabed mattresses and accessories to our sleep product portfolio will help us achieve our exponential growth plans.”

In addition to mattresses and bedding for adults, Marpac Yogabed also offers a pet bed called the Yogapet.

The retailer will add Yogabed’s mattress and other bedding items like sheets and memory foam pillow, to their current line of white noise machines. These include devices like the Dohm Classic, Dohm Basic, Rohm, and Hushh.

In early 2018, Marpac says they will launch an expanded “Tools for Sleep” product mix. They also say the customer service team will remain unchanged. Yogabed warranties, return policies, deals and 101-night trial periods will remain in place, according to the release.

Marpac was founded in 1962 and is based out of Wilmington, North Carolina. They’re the maker of several white noise machines, including portable machines and other commercial devices. Marpac products are available in stores and online, both nationally and internationally.

White noise machines are popular because they help drown out “peak” sounds – like a door slamming or dog barking – that make disturb you from your sleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation5 percent of Americans use a “sound conditioner” like a white noise machine in their bedroom.

The Yogabed mattress is made with its own proprietary foam that responds immediately and gives the bed a springier feel than a more traditional memory foam mattress. The cover is also easy to unzip and remove which makes the mattress easy to keep clean. Check out our review of the Yogabed mattress here.

Marpac Yogabed products, including mattresses and other bedding accessories, are currently sold direct-to-customer from the Yogabed website.

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