The Importance Of Sleep

Creativity and Sleep

In many ways sleep is a mystery – what is it that drives us to lay down every night and recharge?  What exactly is this process doing to affect our health, both physical and mental?  It turns out that sleep is tied to our overall well-being in a variety of ways.  Here are 5 important …

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Guide To Buying A Mattress Online

Buying a mattress online is becoming ever more popular.  I don’t think that’s a trend that is going away anytime soon, as more and more companies keep popping up.  Having said that, there are some basic things you should consider doing when evaluating which mattress you want to buy.  I’m personally a proponent of buying …

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Best Reviewed Mattresses For Side Sleepers

If you sleep on your side and have the wrong mattress, it can lead to shoulder pain or hip pain.  A good mattress for side sleeping should conform to your body, taking the pressure off your hips and shoulders and aligning your spine so that your muscles can relax. What’s hard about choosing the best …

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Best Reviewed Mattress For Sex

Best Mattress for Sex

I wrote about the best mattress for couples, but that was really focused on sleeping, not sex.  People asked me about the best mattress for sex after foam mattresses became more popular – which can end up being really bad for sex (though good for sleeping). Of course, you don’t want to pick a mattress …

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Best Mattress For The Money 2019

money pours out of a mattress

There are so many fantastic bed-in-a-box mattresses out there, but what is the best deal? What is the best value? When we’re looking for a value mattress, it doesn’t necessarily mean the cheapest mattress. Rather, what is the best mattress for the money? What gives you the most bang for your buck? Well, there are …

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Best Memory Foam Mattress 2019 Reviews And Ratings

I have slept on and reviewed over 30 memory foam mattresses at this point, from the top Tempur-pedic brands to the no-name bed-in-a-box startup. Certain brands and models offer different benefits for people with certain preferences, and I’ve highlighted some models below that are a good fit for sleepers of all types. I don’t think …

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Yogabed Construction Deep Dive

In our review, I put together my general thoughts on the Yogabed. For those that are detailed and serious mattress buyers, I wanted to put together a more specific analysis of the construction of the mattress. I’ll talk about each component of the mattress and say what’s unique about it and what the important takeaways …

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